Game Rules

The Revolution Rules applies for | Server and all users agree that they have read and understood the rules, and keep themselves informed about updates in the set of rules. Together with the Terms of Service all users of RevolutionRZ must abide by The Revolution Rules. A violation of The Revolution Rules may lead to consequences depending on the severity of the violation. The different kinds of violations will be further elaborated in The Revolution Rules - so make sure you read it all.

General Information:
A warning should not be taken as an ultimate punishment but as a reminder to conform to the rules.

Most rules here are based on common sense alone. By following the rules below and using common sense, you will have an enjoyable time in-game and you will make others players experience enjoyable as well!

Questions Regarding the Rules:
If you have any questions regarding some content in the Rules, then PM a Moderator or Administrator to get it clarified. The same goes for suggestions to the Rules, contact a Moderator or Administrator.

Rules of Conduct - Game

The following rules administrate the basic interactions in the RevolutionRZ game. Please be aware that failure to comply with these rules may result in punishment by termination of your game account.

Actions taken against violations:

Informal warning
An informal warning is given if the Moderator or Administrator decides that the offense is not severe enough to ban the user. An informal warning is a private correspondence between the Moderator or Administrator and the violator advising the violator of the offense and what (s)he can do to correct it.

If the user continues violating the rules despite being warned, or if the violation alone is severe enough, he will be banned. There are different types of bans which the Moderators or Administrators may choose from. These include (but are not limited to):
  • A warning
  • Temporary ban; duration usually varies from 1 day to a week or more
  • Permanent ban
  • IP ban and/or MAC ban and/or Device ban; used in extreme cases where there are several violations, or in cases where the violator has shown completely unacceptable behavior

If you know an offending (violating) user and you do not report that offending user to the Staff, you may face similar or the same consequences as the offending user. If you are part of a group of offending users, then no matter if you are contributing to the offense in a lesser extent than another offending user, you may face similar or the same consequences as the other offending user. If a Staff member requests you to cooperate, by sharing information or otherwise, and you intentionally hide information that could help Staff with catching an offending user, you may face similar or the same consequences as the offending user. You can contact Staff through the Forum, you can ask for your report to be handled anonymously.