Basic Information

Rate & Stats

Experience Rate 2x
Drop Rate 2x
Max Level 55
Storage Slots 80


Server Location Canada 🇸🇬
Available Classes 6
Main Language English
Translated Interface Portuguese | Spanish

Our Differential?

Keyless Dungeons, you can do the dungeons as many times as you want the Dungeon
Improved chat functions with new features (Link ,Sell, Buy Item at Chat)
Inventory with the possibility of expanding 4 extra inventories for you to store all your items.
Storage with 80 slots and a special section just for costumes.
Exclusive AutoLoot function where you don't have to keep looting the monsters you killed, they come straight to your Inventory.
Friends list expanded to a maximum of 200 friends per Character.
Corrected damage limit, you can now see your real damage to monsters without having the 65K Limit.
Are you a salesman? Trade Market had its limit increased and does not charge a fee per item!
Do you like to record epic videos? we have the free camera function, to access it press the button "," on your keyboard and WASD, SHIFT to move the camera, and ESC to exit.
Gold limit has also been increased to 200K (Inventory, Storage, Guild Storage).
Awesome New maps with new missions and items for you to conquer.
The maximum Enchantment of items is +15, with checkpoint at +10.

Automatic Events

Event Day Time
Valento Spawn Daily Every 6 Hours
Bawton Spawn Daily Every 4 Hours
Random Buffs Daily Every 2 Hours
Random Buffs x2 Weekends Full Day
Blood Castle Daily Every Hour
Ancient Maze Daily Every 4 Hours
Merchant Ship Daily Every 45 Minutes
Epic. Eda War Daily Every 2 Hours
Lottery Zen Daily Every 1 Hours