Revolution RaiderZ

About RaiderZ

- Max Level 55.
- Exp and Drop as x2.
- Server its Located on Canada (CA).
- 6 New Maps (After Cowen Marsh Lv40) .
- New Gear Level 43,45,48,50,55.
- Pet System (New).
- New Mount Binding System.

- Enabled Trade for Every Item. (it makes no sense to keep an old item stuck in the character).

- Storage was 80 Slots and +160 Virtual Slots in Virtual Storage(Website).

- We got a Guild Storage to share items between guild members.

- Brune's Glory 1v1 Ranked with Reward (Zen) ~we're working on the 3v3 and 5v5 also.

- Keyless Dungeons, you can do the dungeons as many times as you want the Dungeon.

- In-Game Craft of Cash Items(Use Silver Bellpeso acquired from every quest to craft the necessary cash items ~enchant mats, exp/drop potions, reset book~.

- In-game Ping System (Near Minimap shows the ping you have in relation to the server in real time).

- Starter Kit ( Starter Moa, Eternal Return Stone, Summon Mail Box and Repair Station, Magic Lantern~to Dark Maps~, and Bonfire ~to Ice Maps~ in your "H" Tab).

- Discord Features ( Bot that announces real-time events happening in the game, also Brune's Glory Results, also got Rich Presence Enabled on Game Client).

- Tower Defense (It looks like a "Moba" Fight 5x5, who destroy the enemy tower first Win).

- An extensive list of new Titles.
- Win10 Friendly (Got a Option to Choose at Launcher).
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