Revolution RaiderZ
About Revolution RaiderZ
-3 GMT Time (South America)
Exp: x2, Drop Rate: x2
New features:
New Items, Custom Jewels, Custom Maps, New Quest Line
New Skill System!
Max Enchant +15
Max Level Cap 55
Ballanced PVP!

RevolutionZ Ingame commands:
AFK system be afk when you need: /afk
To talk in Begginers: /n
To add friends in long distance: /fr
To invite members for you Guild: /gi
Block and Unblock a Player Chat: /b and /unblock
To check Block List: /bl

New Transparency Interface
Back Button - You can change Account
You start with a Starter Moa in License Tab
Starter Map Ingen (New)
Extended World Map
Rest Potions
Sleep Bed
Teleport Parchments

[Custom Events]
Hunger Games
Last Stand
Helicopter Jump
Event Map

Bode GameGuard

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