March Month Updates!

-Increased to 50% drop of Fleetfoot's Soulstone.
-Removed Temporary the Thunder Damage from all Maps.
-Added Shadowshard Crystal Drop to all Abandoned Mine Bosses (80% chance).
-Changed Ancient Coins Value from Valencia.
-Added Two new Mounts for Test (Gonna be released Later).
-Added Gothic , Netherbane and Shadowshard Belts (Oprie NPC).
-Updated the Abandoned Mine Item Dropper (The magnifying glass where show which monsters drop the material).
-Great Amethyst Boxes just Drop STR, INT, VIT, AGI and Mercenary Types now.
-Fixed [Admission]Exploring the Depths Quest Gold/ Exp Reward.
-Fixed some quest problems in Spanish Language.
-Fixed some text errors in Spanish Interface.
-Added Spanish Voices to the NPCS when playing on Spanish Language.
-Added 5 new Mounts for Test (Gonna be released Later).
-Fixed a Bugged Jewel of Great Amethyst with very wrong stats.
-Fixed Mount Interface But that allows you to use Mounts in Combat.
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Enjoy and Stay Safe!!

Published at 03/31/2024