February Month Updates!

-Shadowshard Gear is now Tradable.
-Guardian Breath and Blessing of Guardian can be craftable on Ronire.
-Scavengers Craft on Delfin reduced to 50 Silver Bellpeso.
-Increased Gold Repeat on Abandoned Mine to 500GP.
-Increased Daily Quest of Abandoned Mine to 100GP.
-Enabled all Pets to be Sold on Trade Market.
-Fixed Miraculous Recovery now can be used while Immobilized.
-Fixed the Trigger of Retribution when using Vigilance.
-Reduced to 1 Kill of Buttler to finish Collecting the Evil - LM Quest.
-Reduced Level to Teleport to Limos Desert from Stacy to 46.
-Added Scroll of Heroes 7D on Shop.
-Changed Combat Power Scrolls to Percentage Values.
-Added 6 more Respawn Points in Ice Valley.
-Added 4 more Respawn Points in Valencia.
-Increased the Ruker's Feast stay on Ground for 10 Minutes.
-Increased Lockpick Stack to 9998.
-Removed the Forsaken Hunter at wrong spot near the Goats at Valencia.
-Camera Zoom Increased due Fishing System that gonna be Implemented.
-Increased Abandoned Mine Materials Sell Price on NPC.
-Reduced the Damage necessary to break Hell Manelloth Shield.
-Added Pet Slot Information on Item / Skill (Types: Shoulder, Around, Follow).
-Entrance of Abandoned Mine now isn't Automatic you need Press "E" on Portal to Enter.
-Added some Ocean Maps and Sounds into Game Client for the Fishing Update.
-Fixed Shadowshard Shield now Tradable.
-All Abandoned Mine Materials its now Tradable.
-Abandoned Mine Dungeon don't need Key anymore to enter.
-Added New Ranger Animations (On Test).
-Reworked whole Ranger Skill Tree (On Test).
-Daggers is temporary without Glow due a internal Problem.
-Added 2 new Emojis on List.
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Enjoy and Stay Safe!!

Published at 02/28/2024