August Month Updates!

-Added Few Backpacks to Shop.
-Added Few Helm Costumes to Shop.
-Added Few Weapons Costume to Shop.
-Added Dungeon Monsters 60 with Pre-AI to Test.
-Added Pre-Test of a new Feature of EXP (not released just for staff test).
-Changed entrance of Exile of Valento to Aranbas Volcanos.
-Reworked the Exile of Valento Map, Valento now exiled inside the Volcano.
-Increased Jewel of Heat Drop Rate.
-Added the Entrance of Abandoned Mine on Valencia Map. (Not released yet).
-Increased Max Level to 65.
-Reworked How Valento / Bawton gives the Items to Players.
-Updated some Old Scripts on ServerSide.
-Fixed Cooldown on Weapon Change to 15sec.
-Fixed Penguin Head with a Texture Error.
-Fixed Missing Sound/Voice of few Npcs.
-Fixed some Errors related to Missing Texture / Map Rendering (Less crashes).
-Fixed Crash when getting close to the Abandoned Mine Entrance.
-Increased Min Level of PK to 50.
-PK Karma got Max 5 Level with every Level 200 Points, to increase Karma Level = 3 Kills.
-If have Karma 5 and Die to Player your gonna lose 1% Experience.
-Just Forbidden Shrine, Ice Valley and Valencia Monsters Reduce your Karma (Dungeons not included, you killed a player on Map, Clear your PK on Map) every mob reduces 1 point on Karma.
-Fixed Ancient Fire Ring Stats.
-Karma Levels now show before your name, if you dont got any karma it will not show.
-Changed Neutralize Flinch Time.
-Changed Cyclone Strike Flinch Time.
-Changed Piercing Strike Flinch Time.
-Added Light Protection Skill on Cleric Skill Tree.
-Removed the Easter Eggs (Missed it on Ingen T.T)
-Added Survival Arena Under Tests.
-Added Zombie Invasion Map Under Tests.
-Removed Guardian's Life Stone from Craft NPC.
-Removed Guardian's Life Stone from Trade Market List.
-Updated some Old Scripts on ServerSide.

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Enjoy and Stay Safe!!

Published at 08/31/2023