July Month Updates!

Reduced Great Amethyst box materials to craft
Fixed Almelon NPC Clan Name.
Fixed Darkness Mage Name Misspelling.
Fixed Thunder Shield Diamond Buff Proc Name.
Fixed Blessing Relentless Dagger on wrong Category at Trade Market.
Removed Magic Jelly from Bawton/Valento Box.
Added chance to drop x50 Sigel on Bawton/Valento Box.
Fixed Scroll of Heroes Description in Shop.
Fixed Message for spamming in Chat.
Fixed Blue Wave Rebuff after Dismount.
Fixed some NPC'S stuck inside wall in Rietz.
Added same Hellhound Artisan Falco in Rietz as on Ingen.
Fixed Wi11ka Bird on Wrong position at Ingen.
Fixed Epic Mt.Eda War Notice Misspelling.
Changed Phanton Wings Name to Illusion Swords Wings.
Fixed Return Skill to not work just inside Brune's Glory.
Fixed Non-translated text in Character Tab (Utility/Misc).
Fixed the Empty Extra Room on Costume Wardrobe when you scroll down.
Fixed when taking quest at Hellhound Board cursor gets out of quest.
Reduced Primary Essence GP to craft.
Reduced Mystic Essence GP to craft.
Client now have Own Folder of Caching/Save to avoid conflicts with other Versions/Servers.
Removed temporary the new Character Info Preview due a internal problem.
Added Backpack's Drop on some Monsters/Bosses.
Reworked DeathMatch Map (under tests).
Improved Map Light on Hell Monastery.
Fixed Siege Texture Icons and Ground Effect.
Changed Sweet/Sour Juice stacks up to 9997.
Added some new Costumes (will be added on shop).
Improved some Functions of Chat Bot @Doming Pirate

For Real Time Patch Notes enter on our Discord!

Enjoy and Stay Safe!!

Published at 07/31/2023