November Month Updates!

Fixed Vanquish without Crush First.
Ingen Weather set to Just night time.
Removed Tauy NPC on Hellhound.
Removed Rania NPC on Hellhound.
Removed Adventurer Tooth NPC on Hellhound.
Fixed Bugged Chat on Portuguese Version.
Fixed Delfin NPC Spawn / Despawn Event.
Fixed Blood Castle NPC Spawn / Despawn Event.
Fixed New Mount on Correct Buff Row.
Added Damage Reduction to Shield's.
Reworked Physical and Magical Critical Stats.
Fixed Fox Mount Misspelling Description.
Changed Black Kelpie Stats.
Added Buff on the New Mounts from Halloween.
Testing a new balance on Defenders Build.
Removed Attack Speed from Cyclone Strike Defender Skill.
Added new System to try avoid Ghost Block and Ghost Skill.
Changed Divine Collum to Final Judgment skill on Cleric Skill Tree (on test).
Temporary Removed Cold Armor from Sorcerer Skill Tree.
Improved a bit Burning Meteour Skill Effect when hit the Ground.
Removed Miraculous Recovery from Cleric Skill Tree (too broken at pvp even with high CD plus brunes reset cooldown every entrance).
Reduced Mana and Stamina cost on Shout of Provocation.
Changed Thorn Armor Skill.
Changed Physical Training Skill Stats.
Changed Retribution Position on Defender Skill Tree.
Ghost Rider didnt gonna need Hell Road Pass for next 1 Week.
Reworked Ancient Gate Map (we dont got FPS Drop now).
Fixed Final Judgment Cooldowns and CastTime.
Enabled Mounts in Ancient Gate.
Some changes on PvP Balance (Test).
Fixed Little Holes on Ancient Gate Map.
Added GvG Map for Tests.
You get kicked from the Party if gets Offline. (prevent a bug)
Fixed Final Judgment Lv3 and reduced cast time.
Reduced Mana Cost on Ice Barrier Skill.
Fixed Vigilance not giving Stamina.
Changed Meditation Skill from Sorcerer.
Changed Nimble Healer Skill from Cleric (Increase Healling).
Removed Stamina From Valento SetBonus.
Equaled Set bonus of Supreme Accessories.
Equaled Set bonus of Dominator Accessories.
Increased Damage Range on Final Judgment Skill.
Increased a bit the Archer Damage on PVP. (on test).
The [Fight] Chat now display on System chat, so if you didnt see this just disable the System Messages on Chat Config.

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Enjoy and Stay Safe!!

Published at 11/30/2022