August Month Updates!

Death Blow Skill has a chance to recovery Stamina if Critical.
Death Blow and Cold Impact Combo reset Death Catch Skill.
Changed Predator Skill Effect.
Iron Melt Arrow now does AoE Damage.
Changed Iron Trap Skill Description.
Removed Casting Time on Iron Trap Skill.
Increased Cooldown to 5s on Iron Trap Skill.
Changed Fatal Perforation Skill Effect.
Changed Cold Impact Skill Icon.
Fixed Precision Buff Description.
Changed Iron Melt Arrow Skill Icon.
Decreased Holy Shot Cooldown and Casting Time.
Fixed Predator skill sharing cooldown with disturbance.
Warlord's Tokens isnt tradable anymore as we made the announcement 2 weeks ago.
Changed Shot Arrow Skill Effects per Level.
Fixed Arrow Rain Debuff Icon.
Fixed alot of Misspeling on Portuguese Translation.
Added Translated Skills Descriptions to Portuguese Language.
Removed the requirement of "Salvation" quest for cowen teleport.
Reduced Dominator's Craft Materials.
Fixed Link/Sell/Buy advertise Dialog being Multiline.
Changed Happy Hour Buff Description.
Fixed Death Lord Belt not showing on Belt Tab at Trade Market.
Fixed Inventory Expansion Description on Shop.
Fixed Ice Valley Misspelling on World Map.
Fixed Glacial Boar Item Description.
Fixed Wrong Fortune Bead on Trade Market.
Fixed Blet's Gift Pouch and Blet's Treasure Pouch Item Description.
Fixed a Preview Glitch to use mounts in Dungeon.
Changed Salt to Taste Quest Objetive.
Changed Greedy Blet Quest Objetive.
Changed Falling for the Trap Quest.
Fixed Predator Skill from Ranger.
Fixed Warning Shot Skill from Ranger.
Fixed Blet's Gear and now can enchant Until +15.
Removed Camel Buff after Dismount.
Added Skull Token's on PK.
Fixed Sin speed it was slower than the other classes (yes it really was, I checked the code).
Some Balance on PvP for Archer Class( PvE still the same).
Fixed Reinforcement of Camp Quest Collect.
Removed Hellhound show Reward after Finish the quest.
Hellhound Earrings starts now from Imperfect Earring.
Fixed Map Name on [Party] Maps.
Banned Book can be sold at Trade Market.
Egyptian Iron can be sold at Trade Market.
Violent Strike Skill (Defender) can be used in Guard.
Increased Sorcerer Damage on PvP (Staff Only).
Reduced Cooldown on Burning Meteour (Sorcerer).
Reduced Cooldown on Cold Wave (Sorcerer).
Fixed The Power of Evil Quest Description.
Increased Ice Valley Monsters Aggro Range.
Fixed Misspeling on Spanish Interface.
Added more Monsters on Ice Valley.
Increased Rediscover the Power Quest Gold Reward.
Increased Protect the Town Quest Gold and Exp Reward.
Increased Lhadre Mansion Quest Gold and Exp Reward.
Increased Experiments of Volcanoes Quest Gold and Exp Reward.
Increased Essences Drop on Hell Dungeons while Theoran dungeon its being Finished.
Fixed Lhadre Mansion Floor Reflecting the Sky.
Fixed Objects without Texture on Lhadre Mansion.
Reduced Chimera Boss Aggro in Grand Wall Map.
Reduced a bit the Exp Table for Lv56~60.
Fixed the Trap on Limos Desert Dungeon.

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Enjoy and Stay Safe!!

Published at 08/31/2022