Patch Notes 29/06/2020

- Fixed Missing Maps at Discord RPC.
- Fixed Valento count as Epic Monster (at Killed Count).
- Fixed Goblin Golem Idle Animation.
- Fixed Purchase button at cash shop, now open the donation page
- Implemented Recovery Function(when you game got corrupted didnt need reinstall anymore).
- Added a Confirmation when you try enchant without Blessing.
- Added Item Tier Color at Delete Item Confirmation.
- Removed "Y" Hotkey in Delete Confirmation of Legendary/ Epic Items.(to avoid mistakes).
- Fixed Fortune Bead Misspelling.
- Added Item Tier Color at Sell Confirmation.
- Added Item Tier Color at Quantity Split Confirmation.
- Added Third Buff Bar at Interface (1.char buffs | 2. regular buffs | 3. debuffs)
- Fixed Ancestral Goddess's with wrong name at Costume Manager.
- Fixed Ancestral Shields Costumes with just 2 Jewels.

Size - 22MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and Stay Safe!!

Published at 06/29/2020