Patch Notes 05/06/2020

- Improves at Housing System.
- Improves at Internal Scripts (to run smooth).
- Improves at Character Tab.
- Title/Aura/Glow its now in Character Tab.
- Added Missing Item Dropper
- Fixed Brune's Glory Score in Brunes results
- Added the missing Illumini Daggers at Costumes in Website.
- Added Mailbox Skill in "Others" Section in Character Tab.
- Fixed PvP WY Rings Craft.
- Fixed Destiny / Gladiator Costumes with "III" in name.
- Fixed Blessings and Artisan's Short/Long Descriptions in Cash Shop.
- Fixed Rietz to Epic Eda TP Cost.
- Fixed Raptor from Rengot Village.
- Fixed Ingen Option in Premium Teleporter.
- Fixed Pursuit Buff without have Pursuit Skill.
- Fixed Restorative Elixir with Original %
- Added Sealed Gladiator to buy at Ingen Arena NPC.
- Changed Attributes Stats in Gladiator Gear (testing).
- Added 1% of PvP Damage in every Gladiator Gear.
- Fixed Demonic Face/Armor Effect.
- Fixed Entrance of Ancient Tombs.
Size - 25MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and be Safe!

Published at 06/05/2020