Patch Notes 19/05/2020

- Fixed Default Mace's Glow Position/Size.
- Fixed Default Sword's Glow Position/Size.
- Fixed Hellhound can't enter in Party.
- Fixed Entrance of Maze Event.
- Fixed Default Staff's Glow Position/Size.
- Fixed Default WarHammer's Glow Position/Size.
- Changed Few Models of Warhammers/Staff's to a Better one.
- Fixed Default Dagger's Glow Position/Size.
- Returned Tranquility to Original value (20% Heal).
- Increased a bit Sorcerer Damage (for test).
- Fixed Internal IP for some players who didn't see the Server at list.
Size - 32MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and be Safe!

Published at 05/20/2020