Patch Notes 01/04/2020

- Added Limit of 250 per Buy in TM.
- Fixed Items Link/Sell/Buy System.
- Fixed Destiny Longsowrd/Mace Glow.
- Fixed Revenge without Point on Retribution.
- Vigilance push the Correct Revenge now.
- Added Old Maps of Hellhound.
- Fixed Camel/ Horned Dragon / Armorred Dragon/ Bone Dragon Stuck after taking fall damage.
- Fixed Carlos NPC in Rietz to send players to Battle arena.
- Removed Parchment Scrolls from Forb.Shrine Drops.
- Fixed Misspelling 'Death Sickle' to 'Death Scythe'.
- Fixed Misspelling James chest/gloves/shoes to -> Jales
- Fixed Misspelling 'Assasin' to 'Assassin' in few files.
- Removed Event Portal Near Ingen Blacksmith.
- Removed the 2 NPC Icons out of Map in Limos Desert.
- Removed the NPC Icon out of Map in Rietz.
- Fixed Blessing of Renas with wrong icon.
- Removed 'Torch' Item from Dila NPC.
- Fixed Mini map graphics are messed up out of the map.
- Fixed HP don't appear on Anubis.
- Added Combat Music to Anubis.
- Added Combat Music to Mummy Lord.
- Fixed Vanquish CD.
- Fixed Tomb Knight Target Info.
- Fixed Forbidden Shrine Dialog at Stacy NPC 'Lv53' instead 'Lv52'.
- Reduced Tonadellos Aggro Range.
- Fixed Halloween Rider Buff Description.
- Removed Viva's Horn in Veilnus HH Drop.
- Changed "????" to "Golden Bolas".
- Decreased CD of Hayden's Telescope Lens and Dragon Bait to 1 Minute.
- Fixed Now We Must Stop It (Third Book Location).
- Fixed Pain and Darkness Quest (Signal on Towers).
- Added Effect to Teleport to Rooftop (LM).
- Fixed 3 NPC in wrong place (inside walls) at Rietz.
- Fixed Scorpion with correct Sounds.
- Fixed Guard after Buttler Room in LM.
Size - 13MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and be Safe!

Published at 03/31/2020