Patch Notes 26/03/2020

- Fixed Blood Castle Door
- Fixed Linden Mobs Dropping Refined Dray.
- Fixed Teleporter Stacy Wrong Dialog.
- Fixed Broken Mast Veilnus Exp.
- Fixed Fairy Description.
- Misspelling "Requirements" at website.
- Fixed Strength Sigil Misspelling.
- Terress Misspelling at Ingen Area.
- Fixed Catacomb of Hell Misspelling at Dialog.
- Fixed Arech's Nest Misspelling at Dialog.
- Fixed Misspelling Aranbas at Dialogs/Quest.
- Fixed Aranbas TP Dialog with wrong Name.
- Fixed Mana Rest Potions Misspelling.
- Fixed Skills/Items/Buffs Misspelling Energy (correct =Mana) texts.
- Removed TP scrolls from Linden Hill / Limos mobs.
- Fixed Misaligned products in the cash shop.
- Wrong Tittle at Housing Link at Website.
- Wrong Tittle at Patch Notes Link at Website.
- Fixed Combat Support NPC's (they are not attacking mobs).
- Coyote Head changed to Coyote Skull.
- Update the Blood Castle Minimap
- Fixed high priest vardi without dialog icon.
- Changed the Names of Anti-Destroying Scrolls to Original One (Blessing of Renas,Astharoth,Rendel).
- Fixed Sammanes NPC with Ship Craft items.
- Removed Limos Parchment Scroll Drop
- Increased Mummy's Kidney Drop.
- Renamed Fallen Giant to Strange Skull.
- Renamed Slave Current to Slaves Chains.
- Changed Model of Queen Be Mob(old model had a problem with the hitbox).
Size - 18MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and be Safe!

Published at 03/25/2020