Patch Notes 29/02/2020

- Fixed Blets Superior Gear Craft
- Changed Gladiator PvP Defense to 10% each part
- Changed Gladiator PvP Attack to 15%
- Changed Money Drop in Survive or Die (SOD).
- Fixed the Score Storage in Survive or Die (SOD).
- Reworked Survive or Die Map (SOD).
- Survive or Die its Score per Round its not accumulative.
- Added 2 Dailys at Brune's Glory
- Reduced the Ancestral Mats Craft Cost to 10 GP.
- Reduced the Gladiator PvP Gear Craft Cost to 10 GP.
- Fixed Chimera Range at Grand Wall.
Size - 11MB
Enjoy RaiderZ!

Published at 02/29/2020