Patch Notes 23/11/2019

- Increased the Amount of Energy Pack as Reward in Wild Dog.
- Added NPC in Rietz to Craft Belt PvP.
- Added Belts in Acessory Artisan Ash.
- Nerfed Heal in Brunes Glory.
- Added a Backpack Inventory.
- Backpacks turned into Linked when use at Character.
- Added Tittle Slot at Character Tab.
- Added Charm Slot at Character Tab.(Will be added soon).
- Added New Drops into Revenge Ghost Rider (Belt Drops). - You can use Tittles/Aura/Pets/ etc directly from the Tab didnt need push to skill bar anymore.
- Added Malik (Essence NPC at Ingen).
Size - 17MB

Published at 11/23/2019