Patch Notes 01/09/2019

- Removed Balance Buff from Arena / Brunes.
- Added Stats on PvP 55 Gear.
- Added PvP 55 Weapons.
- Rapid Fire Nerfed DMG a Bit.
- Assassination Nerfed DMG a Bit.
- New Costumes at Game for Events.
- Fixed All Staff with Glow Missing.
- Added Creeper Crystal Item on Creeper Loot of Broken Wall.
- Nerfed Blood Castle Monsters Defense.
- Fixed Recover Password at website Now send a Email to Reset Password.
- Increased the Despawn Time of Blood Castle to 120 Seconds.
- Added Missing Shadow Orichalcum Plate Gloves in Costume Manager NPC.
- Increased Shaman/ Warrior/Assassin/Sage/Knight Runes Rate in HH.
- Fixed Cursed Greatsword Glow Position/Size.
- Fixed Kobold Gun Change Weapon Buff (Makot Map).
- Increased PvP Weapons to 20~35% PvP Attack.
- Changed the PvP Weapons Model.
- Added New NPC To Preview Effects/ Auras/ Mounts at Ingen.
Size - 43MB

Published at 09/01/2019