Ready to Donate?

Donations are purely voluntary. By donating, you’re authorizing the donation and agreeing that the amount is nonrefundable. To proceed, simply click the “Donate” button below and select your preferred method. We extremely appreciate our donors who help the community and this project stay alive.

Other Ways to Donate?

You may donate by creating commercial-quality videos on YouTube, streaming the game on Twitch or Facebook Gaming, or by writing an article about the game and our community on your blog to generate organic traffic. You’ll receive an acknowledgement in our platforms as a token of thanks! We value all forms of support, whether it pays server bills or grow the population.

Other Ways to Help?

Engaging in our platforms, such as Facebook Page, Group, and Discord, are already considered as helping. Sharing our posts and participating in events and promos are also considered as support. Other than that, if you have time to mold new players, you may apply as a Mentor. We believe that player-to-player interaction will help a new player to develop motivation and strive for greater power.