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Patch Notes 17/07/2019

- Changed Skills Interface to Original One(with few changes).
- Added New Mastery's for Ranger.
- Added Bird/Wolf/Bear Pet at Ranger.
- Thorn Armor Returned to Original Position in Skill Tree.
- Returned War Weapon Mastery in Skill Tree(Berserker).
- Returned PushBack in Skill Tree(Assassin).
- Returned Divine Mastery in Skill Tree (Cleric).
- Returned One-Handed Weapon Mastery in Skill Tree(Defender).
- Returned Analytics to Skill Tree (Sorcerer).
- Removed Endless HP ~Passive from Defender.
- Removed Lighting Arrow from Sorcerer.
- Fixed Chef Spawn NPC at Limos
- Added Missing NPC at Ingen (Formidable Talent).
- Fixed Guitar Animations (Male/Female).
- Removed Enchant Glows from Ancestral Weapons.
- Fixed Eating/Cooking Animations (Female).
- Added Missing Trap Animation at Female Rangers.
- Fixed the Additional Jewel Slot on Ancestral Weapons (Without Costume).
- Monsters from Terres - Forbidden can be attacked by Ranger Pets (Except PvP Monsters).
Size - 14MB

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Patch Notes 04/07/2019

- Fixed thr RZSelector (Now say a message if you dont config right the launcher).
- Reworked Weapons and Gear 43~55.
- Rollback Heal System(Cleric) to Original One.
- Reworked Mobs/ Monster to Match with Reworked Gears. - Rework in Website Features. - Added Virtual Storage at Website that grant you +80 Slot(Logout to move item).
- Added Costume Manager(Weapons) at Website, now dont lose the Jewel / Enchant.
- Ancestral Weapons can be Enchanted now.
- Added Deep Sea Map (Test).
Size - 23MB

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New Functions on Website!

Hello, these last update was implemented some new functions on the website, such as a new method for custom weapons, and a virtual storage, not to mention the new features like guild profile and character.

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