Privacy Policy

1. Introduction  

1.1. User Privacy is very important to Revolution RaiderZ.  

1.2. Maintaining User Confidence is the motto for Revolution RaiderZ business.  

1.3. The Privacy Policy seeks to make the User feel as comfortable as possible by visiting the Revolution RaiderZ web sites.  

1.4. This Privacy Policy and Security Tips, which applies to all products, services and web sites offered by Revolution RaiderZ, will provide information, noting:  

1.4.1. The acquisition of Personal Information.  

1.4.2. Who collects the Personal Information.  

1.4.3. How Personal Information is used.  

1.4.4. The choices available to Users.  

1.4.5. How the User can correct an error within the Personal Information.  

1.4.6. Information Security,  

1.4.7. Integrity and accuracy of data.  

1.4.8. Security Tips.  

1.4.9. Changes in policy.  

1.5. If you have any questions about the terms of this Privacy Policy, you should contact Revolution RaiderZ through the Online Support Center.

2. Definitions:  

2.1. Cryptography means the set of principles and techniques employed to encrypt writing, making it unintelligible to those who do not have access to the conventions combined.  

2.2. Sniffers means a tool, which can be made up of software or hardware, is capable of intercepting and recording data traffic in a computer network. Sniffing can be used by fraudsters who attempt to capture data traffic on the network for malicious purposes, such as obtaining copies of important files during their transmission, obtaining passwords that allow them to extend their penetration radius into an invaded environment, or view the conversations in real time.  

2.3. Port Scanner means an application to test the logical ports of a particular remote host. In this test, the tool identifies the status of the ports: whether they are closed, listening, or opened. Port scanners are often used by malicious people to identify open ports and plan for invasions.  

2.4. SSL (Security Sockets Layer) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) mean cryptographic protocols that provide secure communication over the Internet for services such as e-mail (SMTP), page navigation (HTTP), and other types of data transfer. The SSL protocol provides privacy and data integrity between two applications that are communicating over the Internet. This occurs by authenticating the parties involved and encrypting the data transmitted between the parties. This protocol helps prevent intermediaries between the two ends of the communication from having undue access or falsifying the data being transmitted.  

2.5. HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) means an implementation of the HTTP protocol over an SSL or TLS layer. This additional layer allows the data to be transmitted over an encrypted connection and that the server and the client are authenticated through digital certificates. The HTTPS protocol is usually used when it is desired to prevent the information transmitted between the client and the server from being viewed by third parties, for example in the case of online purchases.  

2.6. Antivirus means software designed to detect and eliminate computer viruses. There is a wide variety of products for this purpose in the market, the difference between them is in the detection methods, in the price and in the functionalities (what they do). One of the main reasons that lead to the creation of new viruses is to cause them to spread and torment us for days, weeks or even months. Its creators are constantly looking for flaws in operating systems, Internet servers, or known applications that are installed on most computers in the world. Once the breach is discovered, the virus is released. It spreads with frightening speed and in a few hours causes internet chaos and astronomical damage.  

2.7. Antispyware (Anti = Spy = Spy; Ware = Merchandise, Program) means the programs used to combat spyware, adware, keyloggers among other spyware programs. Among these programs are: firewalls, antivirus, among others.  

2.8. Firewall means the name given to the device of a computer network that aims to apply a security policy to a particular network control point. Its function is to regulate data traffic between distinct networks and prevent the transmission and / or reception of harmful or unauthorized access from one network to another.  

    3. Acquisition of Personal Information  

3.1. Personal Information is the data that will allow someone to identify themselves and contact the User, including, for example, their full name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address.  

3.2. Personal Information does not include generic data that by themselves does not allow identification of the User's person (such as statistics on how many people visited the site in the month, or how many of the visitors are male and how many are female).  

3.3. The User will provide Personal Information when:  

3.3.1. Register to use the services of Revolution RaiderZ.  

3.3.2. Register for contests or promotions.  

3.3.3. Complete questionnaires.

3.3.4. Request some Revolution RaiderZ product or service.  

3.3.5. Send email messages, or forms, through the Revolution RaiderZ website ( and the game websites it makes available.  

3.4. The User will provide Non-Personal Information, such as IP addresses, browser types, domain names, software versions and access times, through cookies:  

3.4.1. Revolution RaiderZ uses a browser figure called cookie, which is a text packet sent between a web browser and the server it accesses.  

3.4.2. Cookies are used to differentiate one User from another and to transmit information from page to page during a single session of the User's web site.  

3.4.3. A web server uses cookies to collect data about a particular browser, along with the information requested and sent by the browser operator (the User).  

3.4.4. Revolution RaiderZ uses cookies to identify and store the navigation preferences of the Portal Services User and the game websites that are made available by the Portal Services.  

3.4.5. Revolution RaiderZ websites are audited by the Google Analytics system to generate visit statistics, which also uses cookies to collect information.  

3.4.6. This information is used only to enhance the services of the websites and to enhance the user experience.

4. Who collects Personal Information  

4.1. Revolution RaiderZ, through the website and the game website it makes available, is responsible for the collection of personal data.  

    5. How Personal Information is used  

5.1. Revolution RaiderZ processes the personal information used in the User Account registration, game ID registration and support / service services, which involve decisions or use of the services provided by Revolution RaiderZ.  

5.2. In addition to the above, such purposes include:  

5.2.1. Verification, research and analysis in order to maintain and protect the user.  

5.2.2. Verification, research and analysis in order to maintain, protect and improve services.  

5.2.3. Make sure the technical functioning of the network and services.  

5.2.4. Promotions and Events of Revolution RaiderZ.  

5.2.5. Develop new services.

5.3. When the User joins a private service that requires registration, Revolution RaiderZ requests that the User provide personal information. If, by chance, the information is used in a different way than the one proposed at the time of collection, then the user's consent will be requested before such use.  

5.4. Sometimes, Revolution RaiderZ will request confirmation of this data to perform a service, support or maintenance on the User accounts.  

5.5. The User may refuse to provide personal information to any of the Revolution RaiderZ services. However, without proper confirmation, Revolution RaiderZ will not be able to perform some support and service.  

5.6. Such information may be shared with authorized partners, administrators or collaborators, so that they can provide better service to Users. However, these people sign a confidentiality agreement, which prevents them from providing internal data to third parties.  

5.7. Although User privacy is important to Revolution RaiderZ, as there are legal rules, Revolution RaiderZ can not fully guarantee that your private communications and other personal information will not be shared with third parties because:  

5.7.1. As a legal, judicial or administrative requirement, the Revolution RaiderZ may be compelled to disclose them, in which case it will be obliged, in this case, to communicate to the User the owner of the information, at the earliest opportunity, as to the obligation to disclose.  

5.7.2. Unlawfully, third parties may intercept or access them.  

    6. The choices available to users  

6.1. You may control the content of your "Personal Information" by following the instructions in the section below ("Correcting Personal Information").  

6.2. Information provided by the User to other service providers or partners, even if the latter use the Revolution RaiderZ logo, will be subject to the other privacy policies.  

6.3. It is advisable for the User to investigate which companies are providing their registration data.  

6.4. Revolution RaiderZ is not responsible for the improper provision of information by the User himself.

7. How to correct cadastral information  

7.1. Once the creation of the User Account is completed in the Revolution RaiderZ portal, some data can no longer be changed through the User Control Panel.  

7.2. To correct your personal information, you must contact the Online Support Center and submit documents proving ownership of your account.  

    8. Information Security  

8.1. Revolution RaiderZ will take appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of data.  

8.2. Security measures include, but are not limited to, the internal review of data collection conducted by Revolution RaiderZ, storage and processing practices.  

8.3. Access to personal information is restricted to Revolution RaiderZ employees, who need them to operate, develop or improve services. Revolution RaiderZ employees are committed to the obligations arising from a confidentiality agreement and subject to the sanctions set forth in this agreement.  

    9. Data Integrity and Truthfulness  

9.1. Revolution RaiderZ processes personal information only for the purposes for which it was collected and in accordance with this Policy.  

9.2. Revolution RaiderZ data collection, storage and processing practices are reviewed periodically to ensure that only the personal information necessary to provide or improve the services is collected, stored and processed.  

9.3. The User is responsible for the integrity of the data, access to and use of his or her personal information as provided in the Terms of Use and the Software Use License Agreement.  

9.4. Revolution RaiderZ will be unable to provide certain services to the User, in case the data provided is third-party, incorrect or false.

10. Security Tips  

10.1. The User is responsible for maintaining your privacy and for the confidentiality of your passwords and / or personal information.  

10.2. Revolution RaiderZ recommends:  

10.2.1. When accessing the Internet, the User must inform himself / herself of the policy / declaration of privacy of the Site that is accessing.  

10.2.2. The User must not inform or share his password with third parties.  

10.2.3. The User shall not provide any personal information, including his or her name, or fill out online forms on unknown websites or are unaware of the purpose.  

10.2.4. User must choose complex passwords. Simple passwords are easy to break. The User must use complex passwords of long combinations of letters and numbers, which require unusual combinations of the keyboard, changing them periodically.  

10.2.5. The User should never give his password to anyone. If the password is compromised, the User must change it immediately.  

10.2.6. Personal ads and chat rooms are in the public domain. Any information that you make available in chat rooms, forums, or personal ads will be available to anyone with access to those locations.  

10.2.7. Secure Site - The User must verify that the site that is browsing, where it will be necessary to send confidential information, is secure and has data encryption through SSL (Security Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security): The User should check if, at the beginning of the site address (URL) that appears in the browser, it contains the acronym HTTPS. This protocol allows data sent by the website to be encrypted by SSL or TLS protocols. The User should check for a "lock" icon located in the lower right corner of the browser window. By double-clicking the lock icon, the secure site certificate and its validity will be displayed next to the certificate unit.  

10.2.8. Self-Fraud - You should not share your data and / or accounts with others. This is the most common cause of character loss, Revolution RaiderZ (Z $) and inventory items. In that case, the User himself / herself provides cadastral and confidential data to third parties, which improperly uses this information to harm the account holder. Revolution RaiderZ will not be responsible for the occurrences of auto-fraud. The accounts impaired as a result of this action consented by the User and are not subject to restoration.  

10.2.9. Antivirus, Antispyware and Firewall - In addition to verifying the security of the site and the secure traffic of sensitive information, it is necessary for the User to maintain the security of his personal computer. To do so, the User must always install a good Antivirus, an Antispyware and a Firewall on his workstation. These devices must be up-to-date and active to ensure that they are effective against virtual threats.  

10.2.10. Emails and Instant Communicators - Users should be wary of e-mails of unknown origin, especially if they have files attached.  

10.2.11. Revolution RaiderZ will not request passwords or security codes via email, through WhatsApp or any other instant messenger, nor to in-game characters, under threat of account blocking, or for any other reason or claim.  

10.2.12. The User should take care of links received by unknown author emails or by messages of unknown origin received through instant messaging communicators such as WhatsApp, Skype, Google Talk etc. The User should never click on these links if he is not aware of their origin.

11. Amendments  


11.2. Revolution RaiderZ may add or revise this Privacy Policy at any time in its sole discretion. Said amendment or revision will become effective as of the publication of the revised Privacy Policy on the Websites and will be effective immediately thereafter.  


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