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Patch Notes

- Original Ingen was returned.
- Original Terres Plain was Returned.
- Original Terres Plain was Returned.
- Added Brunes NPC at Ingen.
- WorldMap rollback to Original One.
- Added Brune's Ranking at Website.
- the Reward System of Brunes are not fully implemented yet but work +- (made sure you battle coins are in storage not in inventory).
- Invasion will be moved to a New Map soon.
- Delfino NPC (Bellpeso Items) will be Added Soon

Patch Notes

- Added some programs as whitelist in GameGuard.
- Fixed Strike Kronong Craft.
- Fixed Shadow Walk Invisible.
- Removed the debuff who Break unstopable skills.
- Added Healer NPC Near HH.
- Added Arena NPC at Ingen.(Test)
- Fixed some Assassin Animations.

Patch Notes

Small Patch
- Fixed Daily Quests with double Silver Bellpesso.
- Reworked in GameGuard Code.

Patch Notes

- Added the Delfino Ship Merchant at Ingen ( The Ship Announce).

Patch Notes

- Added 7 New Acessory.
- Frozen Arrow / Flame Arrow Ranger Skill got Effect Changed.
- Death Catch / Backstab , Ranger Skill, got Effect Changed.
- Arrow Rain got Blur Effect Added.
- Reduce Size of Ingen Castle Texture.

Patch Notes

- Fixed Diamonds of Power, etc..
- Added Halloween Mob in Game (Test).
- Added Notice for Epic Eda War.
- Added Description for Fairy and Turtle Pet.
- Fixed little issues in some quest.
- Added some Texture for Next Updates too.
- Fixed Lightning Arrow

Patch Notes

- Fixed NPC with Red Name.
- Added More Options inf Premium Teleport.
- Re-added Painter NPC and Essence NPC (is missing before).
- Added Evil Candle Weapons at Frankly (Halloween).
- Changed Ingen Invasion Reward (Battle Coin).
- Fixed Limos Mobs EXP.

Patch Notes

- Ingen Castle Changed.
- Invasion now more Smooth.
- Fixed Return Stone Location.
- Added Halloween NPCs in Ingen.
- Added New Pets in Game.
- Added Profession Tab in (H).
- Added PK System to Test With Players.
- Fixed Little Issues.

Patch Notes

-fixed arrow rain buff icon.
-changed fire bleeding skill to rapid fire / description.
-fatal perforation got changed to stun target and 10 nearby.
-fixed frozen arrow and flame arrow buff icon.
-changed Assassination skill icon.
-changed Iron melt skill icon.
-changed Backwards skill icon.
-Added Spanish Translation (Interface and little things) .
-Changed some NPC Voices.
-changed disturbance skill icon.
-changed deathcatch skill icon.
-changed attention skill icon.
-changed shot arrow skill icon.
-fixed disturbance buff name/ description.
-fixed frozen arrow / flame arrow buff description.
-changed visible death buff icon.
-Added Iridium Drop in Cowen Marsh Mobs.
-Fixed Ghost Knight Weapons Recipes and Crafts.
-Reduced the Amount of Items to Craft Kronongs Mount.
-Fixed Odina NPC Dialog.
-Fixed Wrong Map Name (Terres->Tranquil) in Teleport NPC.
-Fixed Limos First Quest Condition.
-Re-added the use of Longsword in Sorcerer Style.
-Re-added Ghost Rider Revenge.
Size47 MB
-Special Thanks for Bahel, Erdg, Asch, DarkDS,Assesinomp,Jake,Azucella,Asakura the Translation Team!

Patch Notes

- Fixed the HH1 Party Loot.
- Added "Settings" Button at Launcher.
- Added PT-BR Language Avaliable at Launcher (Just Interface at moment).
- Fixed Destiny Gear Problem
- Fixed Misplaced Rietz NPC's
- Fixed Explorer Guide Intermediate quest description
- Fixed duplicated item "Hellfire chain gloves"
- Fixed Arek Nest Entrance Dialog.
- Fixed Floating Respawn Stones at Rietz.
- Increased Cerberus Loot in Maps.

Size - 7MB

Patch Notes

- Changed the Executables of Game.
- Now Server got own Folder in Documents (RevoRZZ) then made you Configs again.
- Changed Icon's of Executables to the New One.
- Changed Internal Name to Revolution.
- Changed Discord RPC Icon and Function.
- Updated the GameGuard.
- Fixed Quest's in Hero Land not unlocking before level 15.
- Changed Diago from Epic Eda Stats.
- Changed HH4 Bosses Stats.
- Changed Invasions Monsters Stats.
- Changed the HH3 and Limos Desert Mobs Now you Can Crit.
- Changed Geovan 1~29 Buff to 150% Exp.
- Fixed Wrong written texts in Ingen/ Cowen Quests and also Rendel Coin Item.
- Fixed the Stack Slot of Weapons Buff.
- Fixed Emotes Button at Character Tab.
- Some Box Stuck Underground of Arambas Fixed.
-The second Respawn Stone at Arambas Fixed.
- Fixed Floating Respawn Stone in Water Spirit Side.
- Fixed the Misplaced Gather Objects in Arambas.

Size - 19 MB

Patch Notes

About Last Patches
- Added Golden Boxes ( Event ).
- Changed the Escape of Sorc Skill.
- Added Battle Ram (Siege Weapons).
- Fixed some Zones Problems.
- Changed Attribute of Visible Death and Attention Skill to STR.
- Moved the Sensor/Marker from Meassuring the Energy Quest.
- Fixed Instance of Smoke in the Air Quest.
- Fixed Greatsword +11 Enchant Glow.
Size - 16 MB

Patch Notes

About Last Patchs
- Changed Crystalization Skill to Transcendence(Test).
- Added Cast Time in Fire Bleeding Skill.
- Removed Speed Buff from Visible Death.
- Changed Cursed Land Map.
- Changed Weather of Ingen.
- Increased Dragon Mount Speed.
- Added Mt.eda Polar Bear at Mount Tab.
- Reduced Size of Dagger Enchant Glow 12~15.

Patch Notes

About Last Patches
- Added Ingen Fountain.
- Added New Special Jewels.
- Added Special Head Jewels (Medals).
- Added Ingen Invasion.
- Added Gentlemen K (Wild Dog) at HH Spot.
- Added New Repeat Quest at Geovan.
- Added Guards attack in Invasion.
- Changed the 4 Step of Protect the Town Quest.
- Added Iron Gate with Lever's to open and close (just when invasion its not active).
- Reseted Ingen Resident's Faction ( Asmok Attacking).
- Added Recycle Kit selling at Dila.
- Added All Costumes avaliable to Recycle with Recycle Kit (Soon all Items will work).
- Added War Rusty Bag at Game.
- Added Fragment of Rendel Coin in Game.
- Added the Rendel Coin Craft at Costume Manager Juna.
- Fixed Another's Little Issues of Invasion.
- Special Seasoning Quest Fixed Pots and Marker
- Added Digital Certificate (Test) at Executables of Game ( Made File trusted to antivirus,etc.).
- Removed 1 Special Slot of Stygian Helm 2 Slots will broken.

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