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What Is Zen?

Zen is the Game Currency used to purchase Special items in the in-game Cash shop,every donation is welcome as it helps the server stay online, and our team continues with creating content.
I can buy Zen?
Yes, you can buy through our website using real money, in which you make several payment methods to facilitate your purchase.
I can earn Zen?
Yes, you can win zen on events made by our in-game team.
Is Pay to Win(P2W) the Game?
No, our server has craft methods that use materials collected in-game, but of course with some level of difficulty to achieve them, the only things not craftavel using materials of the game, are customs, which do not add status to your character.
How i can Craft Cash Items in Game?
Inside the game, in the city of Ingen is located the necessary NPCs to craft various items of the cash shop, you only have the necessary items to create them.
Why i don't receive Zen for stay in-game?
We appreciate that the players have to go behind the materials to create the items, because gaining Zen being AFK creates lazy players.
What is the price of Zen?
The zen bought with real money has no variation and has the fixed cost of 1 $ (Dollar) to 150 zen, with the purchase of large quantities you receive a bonus because it is helping us to keep our Server online.
What is the price of Zen In-Game?
The price of Zen in-game varies according to the players, does not have a fixed price varying according to the in-game economy.
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