Revolution RaiderZ

Revolution RaiderZ

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Incredible Atmosphere

Gameplay focused on killing Monsters and defeating opponents in PvP, with a propitious sound environment, with Joytick Availability.

Epic Battles

Epic Battles with bosses extremely Bifficult to kill, which requires skill to dodge and precise Mechanics to be able to Defeat.

Event Rewards

Special Rewards for event champions as well as the players of the First Rankings.

About RaiderZ

RaiderZ offers classic MMORPG gameplay features such as guilds, quests, dungeons, crafting and player versus player battles. It also introduces a non-targeting combat system where players actively participate in combat, similar to TERA. In addition to that, players will be able to cut or break off special body parts of special enemies and use these against them. Combat is skill based and each individual attack or ability must be aimed manually. Dodging enemy attacks, especially during boss fights, is crucial to achieving victory. Another difference from other MMORPGs is the unique character progression. There are no set classes and after reaching level 10, players can choose from a wide range of skills to develop their characters in any way they want. European Publisher Gameforge emphasizes that RaiderZ is "not a casual game" but instead is very challenging for even the most experienced players. One example of this is the fact that players will be able to fight against giant boss monsters on their own, even though it is advised to engage them in groups.


Unique Classes


Epic Bosses



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