Patch Notes 20/03/2018

Patch Notes 20/03/2018
- Added Destiny Weapons to Database(Epic 50).
- Fixed the Model of Destiny Bow.
- Fixed Mithril Bow Critical.
- Added Anti-Destroying Scroll Type A++.
- Added Anti-Destroying Scroll Type A++ on CashShop.
- Added Anti-Destroying Scroll Type A++ on Malik to craft.
- Added x5 x11 x31 x51 Options of Enchant Items on Cash Shop.
- Added Malik NPC in Ingen.
- Added Essences in Gather Loots.
- Added Essence on Diago Lootin Epic.Eda.
- Buffed Diago / Fierce Diago on Epic.Eda.
- Added Golden Event every Night/Dawn in Tranquil Forest (Temporary).
- Added Golden Manticore.
- Added Stygian Helm in Golden Manticore Loot.
- Fixed Enchant of Mithril Bow.
- Fixed Enchant of Stygian Helm / Boots.
- Added 5 Golden Bosses on Game Database( will be added on maps).
- Removed drop of Mithril Gears on Giant Shatter.
- Added Box of Mithril Recipes on Giant Shatter.
- Added some mats to craft Mithril Gear on Limos Mobs.
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