Revolution RaiderZ

Patch Notes

Patch Notes

- Changed the Executables of Game.
- Now Server got own Folder in Documents (RevoRZZ) then made you Configs again.
- Changed Icon's of Executables to the New One.
- Changed Internal Name to Revolution.
- Changed Discord RPC Icon and Function.
- Updated the GameGuard.
- Fixed Quest's in Hero Land not unlocking before level 15.
- Changed Diago from Epic Eda Stats.
- Changed HH4 Bosses Stats.
- Changed Invasions Monsters Stats.
- Changed the HH3 and Limos Desert Mobs Now you Can Crit.
- Changed Geovan 1~29 Buff to 150% Exp.
- Fixed Wrong written texts in Ingen/ Cowen Quests and also Rendel Coin Item.
- Fixed the Stack Slot of Weapons Buff.
- Fixed Emotes Button at Character Tab.
- Some Box Stuck Underground of Arambas Fixed.
-The second Respawn Stone at Arambas Fixed.
- Fixed Floating Respawn Stone in Water Spirit Side.
- Fixed the Misplaced Gather Objects in Arambas.

Size - 19 MB

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