Revolution RaiderZ

Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Patch Notes 10/03/2019
- Added Global / Channel Chat to ChatBox.
- Added Commander Souza to complete HH4 Quests in Seconds Floor of HH House.
- Removed Frozen Effect of Shout of Fury Skill.
- Added Dark Storm Glow on CS.
- New Effect Tab v1.
- Hotkey to Open Effect Tab and Guild Tab (V and G press ctrl then press the hotkey).
- Old Enchant System Returned (Refined/Supreme.. etc).
- Fixed Conqueror Ring Recipe Problem.
- Fixed Salty Quests from Blet.
- Fixed Missing Items Name in Website Buy Log.
- Fixed Ancestral Gear Enchant/ HP in Set Bonus.
- Changed Beycium/ Drayum Icon to Original .
- Changed Death's Breath Icon to Original.
- Fixed Circle of Punishment and Circle of Healing using Warhammer.
- Reduced Meditation Heal.

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