Revolution RaiderZ

Patch Notes

Patch Notes

- Proof of Strenght Fixed.
- Zygniv Quest Fixed.
- Silver [Exit] Button Fixed.
- Relic Weapons (Broken Mast) Fixed.
- Veil of Darkness Lv3 Fixed 3 Seconds.
- Water Quality Quest Fixed.
- Wierd Hair in Some NPC Fixed.
- Hills Map Quest / NPC Fixed (Still need King's Drive Quest First).
- Geovan Buff now Lv1 ~ 42.
- Checked Flame Arrow Skill of Ranger.
- Hellhound 2~4 Entrance NPC Dialog.
- Linden Hill Mobs Aggro Fixed.
- Limos Desert Mobs Despawn Time Fixed.
- HH 1 Party Bosses Fixed to Lv40.
- Manghirrus Drop Fixed.
- Arek Drop Fixed.
- Shaky Balance Quest Fixed.
- Fixed Rebirth at Arech Nest.
- Elemental Hynshu Quest Fixed.
- Added Painter and Repainter NPC Missing at Ingen.
- Fixed a Cowen Dialog when finish Dungeon in Wierd Lang.
- Removed the Wierd Noise Near HH.
- Removed Halloween Candy from Global Loot.
- Removed Halloween NPC'S from Ingen.
- Added Server Status RPC Function (Show how long the server has Online since last Restart)

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