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Patch Notes

Patch Notes

About Last Patches
- Added Ingen Fountain.
- Added New Special Jewels.
- Added Special Head Jewels (Medals).
- Added Ingen Invasion.
- Added Gentlemen K (Wild Dog) at HH Spot.
- Added New Repeat Quest at Geovan.
- Added Guards attack in Invasion.
- Changed the 4 Step of Protect the Town Quest.
- Added Iron Gate with Lever's to open and close (just when invasion its not active).
- Reseted Ingen Resident's Faction ( Asmok Attacking).
- Added Recycle Kit selling at Dila.
- Added All Costumes avaliable to Recycle with Recycle Kit (Soon all Items will work).
- Added War Rusty Bag at Game.
- Added Fragment of Rendel Coin in Game.
- Added the Rendel Coin Craft at Costume Manager Juna.
- Fixed Another's Little Issues of Invasion.
- Special Seasoning Quest Fixed Pots and Marker
- Added Digital Certificate (Test) at Executables of Game ( Made File trusted to antivirus,etc.).
- Removed 1 Special Slot of Stygian Helm 2 Slots will broken.

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