Revolution RaiderZ

Patch Notes

Patch Notes

-fixed arrow rain buff icon.
-changed fire bleeding skill to rapid fire / description.
-fatal perforation got changed to stun target and 10 nearby.
-fixed frozen arrow and flame arrow buff icon.
-changed Assassination skill icon.
-changed Iron melt skill icon.
-changed Backwards skill icon.
-Added Spanish Translation (Interface and little things) .
-Changed some NPC Voices.
-changed disturbance skill icon.
-changed deathcatch skill icon.
-changed attention skill icon.
-changed shot arrow skill icon.
-fixed disturbance buff name/ description.
-fixed frozen arrow / flame arrow buff description.
-changed visible death buff icon.
-Added Iridium Drop in Cowen Marsh Mobs.
-Fixed Ghost Knight Weapons Recipes and Crafts.
-Reduced the Amount of Items to Craft Kronongs Mount.
-Fixed Odina NPC Dialog.
-Fixed Wrong Map Name (Terres->Tranquil) in Teleport NPC.
-Fixed Limos First Quest Condition.
-Re-added the use of Longsword in Sorcerer Style.
-Re-added Ghost Rider Revenge.
Size47 MB
-Special Thanks for Bahel, Erdg, Asch, DarkDS,Assesinomp,Jake,Azucella,Asakura the Translation Team!

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