Revolution RaiderZ

Server Highlights

Here's a list of the features we have in the server.
You can check out our Server Information if you wish to learn more about the settings.

New to RaiderZ Online? No problem!
Be mentored by our veterans for free. They'll guide you until you reach level 55.

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Hunting items? Get some boost.
Drop rates | Amount are increased for all items.

Take a break from grinding.
Join our automated events and win exciting prizes that will help you in your journey.

Gets special buffs that increase your HP, Exp, and Drop for 1 Hour for 25 SP

Are you an active player?
After reaching level 40, you'll start participating in Lottery Event every hour you're online.

Get rewards for reaching certain milestones.
You'll also be notified about the new features to be made available for you.

Server Schedule

Please take note that our timezone is GMT -3 (Brazilia).
For Automated Events timezone its based on Server Start Time

Title Day Time
Random Buffs Daily Every 2Hours
Random Buffs x2 Weekends Full Day
Blood Castle Daily Every Hour
Ancient Maze Daily Every 4 Hours
Merchant Ship Daily Every 45 Minutes
Epic. Eda War Daily Every 2 Hours
Lottery Event Daily Every 1 Hours

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