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Patch Notes

Patch Notes 17/03/2020

- Fixed Rena's Staff from Purify Water quest(can be used with any weapon now).
- Fixed Ogis' Ring without Stats.
- Fixed Ring of Tranquility Stats.
- Fixed Guild Ranking at Website.
- Removed Renas Holy Water From Brunes.
- Fixed Shaky Balance Quest.
- Fixed Combat Support Quest.
- Fixed Supreme Pink Beycium Name.
- Fixed Rebirth Position at Tutorial Field.
- Reduced damage of Mobs in Tutorial Field.
- Reduced Beycium/Drayum Craft Cost.
- Fixed Shout of Insanity Description.
- Fixed Mail Wrong Text on Attack Items.
- Added Effect to Linden to Limos Teleport.
- Added Effect to Limos to Linden Teleport.
- Added Town of Limos in Premium TP.
- Removed Birds sounds from Scales of Imabalance.
- Fixed Premium Teleporter to West Sewer Entrance.
- Removed Wound Recovery Potions from Brunes.
- Removed Rest Potions from Brunes.
- Removed Undefinied Egg from Brunes.
- Removed Crafted Food Inside Brunes.
- Removed Vahlup Texts (he was talking too much.)
- Removed Goat Sound from Magic Rabbit Mount.
- Fixed Weapon of Lights Quest( no more take recipe just craft).
- Turtle 7 Days Increase Heal , and Heal received also increase a bit the P.and M.Attack.
- Linked King's Drive Quest to Harfmain after finish Shaky Balance.
- Removed Traveler Romel (uselees at moment).
- Fixed Mispelling at Loading Screens (Unknoown to Unknown).
- Fixed Mispelling at Pets Descriptions.
- Fixed Plasma Aura Position.
- Fixed Whisper of Owls Title.
- Fixed Witch Follower.
- Removed Traveler Fermos.
- Moved The Fire its Comming to Garland NPC.
- Fixed Elixirs Descriptions (Hourse instead of Hour).
- Fixed Terres Plain Area Name (Tranquil Forest).
- Fixed Sorcerer's Necklace Without Stats.
- Removed Meat from Relics Weapons(Broken Mast).
- Fixed Armageddon Crush active Time.
- Changed Old Tip About Teleport Parchments.
- Fixed Ice Valley Area Name (Terress Plain).
- Fixed Pyramid of Stars Name.
- Fixed Dragon Hunting Season Description.
- Fixed Catacomb of Hell Name.
- Fixed Lycians Bash Skill (didnt give damage before).
- Memento works now with Magics Skills Instead of Melee.
- Fixed the Pets Descriptions.
- Fixed Ice Guard Dialog.
- Increased Heaven Feather Drop Chance.
- Fixed Cursed Land Ground Bug.
- Fixed Cursed Land Portal to Heroe's Lane.
- Increased the Defense of Gladiator Plate a bit (Internal to Test the PvP).
- Increased Fragment of the Sacred Seal Drop Amount (Base 2~3).
- Changed Cursed Land Loading Screen.
- Added Cursed Land Areas Name.
- Reworked the Blood Castle Map.
Size - 36MB
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