Revolution RaiderZ

Patch Notes

Patch Notes 21/09/2019

- Ping Feature near minimap
- Tittles Fixed Position on Feet
- Fixed Pursuit Effect.
- Add a "Creeper Shel" to lv35 Creeper Warrior at Collapsed
- Improved some Tittle Effects.
- Added New Item to "Return the Peace" Quest.
- Changed GP Reward of "Rediscover the Power" to 250 GP.
- Changed Quest "Rediscover the Power" to Daily.
- Cant use Lycian if in Combat Mode.
- Can't use Pets on Brune's / Battle Arena.
- Remove the Stats Buffs from Potions / Scrolls / Food/ Egg when Enter in Brune's Glory / Battle Arena
- Fixed Plate Armor Problem.
- Heal Nerfed in Brune's Glory / Battle Arena.
- Blocked Foods / Potions / Egg/ Scrolls on Brune's / Battle Arena.
- Changed Learning Book to Lv 1~45.
- Fixed Invisible Camel.
- Fixed Old Guitar Bugged when Accept Quest
- Fixed Vigilance Missing 50 Stamina when Use.
- Fixed Chaos Stinger Buff (Chance to Recover of 6 Stamina and 40 Mana).
- Fixed "The Fire its Comming" Quest Marker.
- Fixed Mispelling in Treasure Chests at CS "enhacement" instead of enhancement.
- Fixed Chaos Stinger Description (Was wrong before).
- Fixed Measuring the Energy Marker Position / Effect in Ground.
- Fixed Armored Dragon Wrong Position.
- Fixed Bone Dragon Wrong Position.
- Fixed Gorgon Wrong Position.
- Fixed Gorgon Jump Animation.
- Fixed Magic Rabbit Jump Animation.
- Fixed Horned Dragon Jump Animation.
- Fixed Mercenary Wolf Jump Animation.
- Added 15 New Tittles.
- Fixed Red Yillis Buff.
- Fixed Bollack Repeat Instance.
- Fixed Magic Canon with Mispelling in Name.
Size - 22MB

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