Revolution RaiderZ

Patch Notes

Patch Notes 07/01/2020

- Increased Inventory to 4.
- Increase Guild Storage to 320 Slots (You need Guild Level).
- Added a Costume Tab in Storage for Costumes Only.
- Increased Trade Market Item Slots.
- Decreased the Fee of Trade Market to always 1cp.
- Fixed Buy items when you already have that Item in Inventory.
- Fixed Craft items when you already have that Item in Inventory.
- Added 2 missing Faces at Character Creation.
- Added 4 missing Hairs at Character Creation.
- When you enter at Brune's Glory it Automatic Reset your Skill's Cooldown.
- Added Reset Skill Cooldown at Ortlinde ( Ingen / Battle Arena).
- Increased Friend List to 200.
- Added Back Second Weapon Slots.
- Added Second Weapon Costume Slots.
- Fixed Dragonity Bows Requeriment to Craft.
- Added Gemstones at Arambas Drops.
- Fixed LFP Chat without Date.
- Removed "Unique" from Valento items, you can have more than 1 now.
- Fixed BGM at wrong Channel in Vengeance of the Sword.
- Increased Wisdom Cooldown to 25sec.
- Fixed Salvation Reset cooldown at Possesion.
- Added Spears in Craft npcs (for test).
- Added Epic Eda / Cowen Marsh Charms.
Enjoy RaiderZ and Stay Safe!!

Patch Notes 05/12/2020

- Increased Inventory to 4.
- Increase Guild Storage to 320 Slots (You need Guild Level).
- Added a Costume Tab in Storage for Costumes Only.
- Increased Trade Market Item Slots.
- Decreased the Fee of Trade Market to always 1cp.
- Trade Market Sale Gold its Delivered on the Notification Mail, not in NPC Anymore.
- Increased GP (Gold) Limit to 200K
- Increased Private Channel at Chat up to 127 Players Inside.
- Fixed Health (HP) problem of being Bug at 65535.
- You can see your Enemy Name in PVP Maps.
- You can Invite a Player to you Guild in PvP Zone Now.
- Second Weapon Set its now Costume Weapons Slot.
- Fixed Assassin Hit Cancel.
- Re-Added Archer Class to game.
- Fixed Archer Guard (RMB Mouse).
- Archer its Based on Agility now.
- Fixed Prology of HH3 without Loot.
- Added Portal in Ice Valley Lake (if you get stuck).
- Fixed Limos Desert Tirat Option in Premium Teleport.
- Fixed Evolved Witch Description.
- Fixed Bawton/Valento without Boss Icon.
- Fixed Bone Raptor on Wrong Buff Row.
- Fixed Gold Dust Description.
- Removed Munji from Event Arena.
- Fixed Night Time at Hell Catacombs and Hell Monastery.
- Fixed Breastplate of the Villain / Ghost Knight's Costumes.
- Fixed Intensive Combat Quest Identified as Main instead of Repeatable.
- Fixed Portal to Dungeon at Top of Great Pyramid.
- Conqueror's Ring Recipe just drop at Fierce Diago now.
- Fixed Redeemer & Bloodymer Description.
- Fixed Mini-Pets Buff Row/Description/Icon.
- Fixed Rapid Fire Description.
- Fixed/Decreased Divine Death Breath x30 and x50 Price.
- Upgrades in Costume Craft Interface.
- Added few Costumes Weapons in Shop.
- Fixed Damage Cap problem, now if you hit 100k will show 100k.
- Added 2 Places from Ice Valley on Premium Teleport (Nalku Fortress and Valley of Crystals).
- Added 2 Places from Forbidden Shrine on Premium Teleport (Theoran and Valley of Ronicles).
- Added 1 Places from Cursed Land on Premium Teleport (Mountain of Fear).
- Press "," to enter in Free Camera Mode for create Awesome Videos (W-A-S-D Move, R - AutoRun, Shift -Increase Speed of Camera, Press , again to exist Camera Mode).
- Storage Box have new Slots Exclusive for Costumes now.
Enjoy RaiderZ and Stay Safe!!

Patch Notes 23/08/2020

- Implemented a New Brune's System
- Returned the alt+0
- Fixed Hellhoundd Delay to get mission
- Fixed Blood Serpent Collision
- Fixed Draconic Leap into Veil of Darkness
- Added PvP Tournament Weapons Models.
- Fixed Second Blade Dance.
- Fixed Discord RPC Problem with the New Brunes.
- Implemented DPS Meter (On Test).

Size - 32MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and Stay Safe!!

Patch Notes 11/08/2020

- Added Event Arena.
- Added Button "Join in Discord" at Menu
- Fixed Northern Star Misspelling.
- Fixed all non-swift Lycians are on the wrong buff row
- Fixed all YHC-85s are the wrong buff row
- Fixed Blue Arrod is on the wrong buff row
- Fixed Starter Moa is on the wrong buff row
- Fixed Guild window buttons misaligned.
- Changed some Items in Valento Box.
- Added Death Lord Belt.
- Added New Mounts.
- Added Bawton World Boss.
- Fixed Guild Storage Problem.

Size - 32MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and Stay Safe!!

Patch Notes 24/07/2020

- Fixed Grotesque Food misspelling
- Fixed I Need You Help Misspelling
- Fixed Oh, Recreation Halfmein Misspelling
- Fixed Elemental Hsinchu Misspelling
- Fixed Therapeutic Agents Misspelling
- Fixed The Baby's Ride! Misspelling
- Fixed The Director Considered Misspelling
- Fixed Fire Walking Misspelling
- Fixed Fire Fighters Misspelling
- Fixed A Delicate Touch Misspelling
- Fixed Elementary Tights Misspelling
- Fixed Old Dragon Wyrm Dialog Misspelling
- Fixed Lost Temple Quest can be finished
- Removed The Fire its Comming Quest
- Fixed Destroying the Source not identified as [Admission]
- Fixed Cieder's Arrow and Kings of Flowes not as Repeatable
- Fixed "Back to Sleep in Death" and "Source of Power" are not identified as [Repeat]
- Fixed Revenge of the Ghost Rider" is not identified as [Repeat]
- Fixed the Monastery Barrels Drop.
- Fixed A Fest of Fish Wrong Dialog
- Fixed Quick Cash Quest Objective
- Fixed Hellhound Frogster can be Killed Now
- Fixed Rest Area Name in Arambas Volcanos Minimap.
- Fixed Missing Jewel Slot on Ancestral/Gladiator/Ice Forged Cloth/Leather Boots.
- Fixed Medic Gloria NPC Heal
- Fixed Ice Forged Chain with Less Strenght.
- Fixed Cave of Nightmare Teleport Sensor without Effect
- Fixed the Order of Filomena Quests
- Fixed Learning Book Description
- Add Chat Log Option in Chat Menu.
- Fixed Arek's Nest and Rest Area Loading Screen.
- Fixed LSD Lover in Wrong Buff Row.
- Fixed Dark Storm Glow in Wrong Buff Row / Icon.
- Fixed Adventurer Eagle / Owl in Wrong Buff Row / Without Buff Name.
- Fixed Fire, Flame, Spark Pager Buff Icon.
- Fixed Magic Cannon Buff Icon.
- Fixed YHC Mounts, Polar Bear Family Buff without Name.
- Fixed Lycian Dismount.
- Fixed Wild Dog Lag Free Board Sequence.
- Fixed Ice Barrier from Red Yillis.
- Fixed Enemy of Friend or Foe Quest Objective Misspelling
- Fixed Burn Pollution Quest Dialog / Objective Misspelling
- Fixed Consideration of Fendril Objective Misspelling
- Fixed Quest Had Been Selected Characters and Disaster of Fire Objective Misspelling
- Fixed Waiting for Command Quest Objective Misspelling
- Fixed Spearhead of Chaos Quest Objective Misspelling
- Fixed Unclean Nature Quest Objective Misspelling
- Fixed Dragon Slayer Quest Objective Misspelling
- Fixed Lost Civilization Quest Objective Misspelling
- Fixed Weak Ones Quest Objective Misspelling
- Fixed Harfmein's Sword Misspelling
- Fixed Rich in Protein Quest Objective Misspelling
- Fixed Wrong Tooltip in Auras Tab.
- Added Blue Dragonity as Costume Weapon.

Size - 20MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and Stay Safe!!

Patch Notes 29/06/2020

- Fixed Missing Maps at Discord RPC.
- Fixed Valento count as Epic Monster (at Killed Count).
- Fixed Goblin Golem Idle Animation.
- Fixed Purchase button at cash shop, now open the donation page
- Implemented Recovery Function(when you game got corrupted didnt need reinstall anymore).
- Added a Confirmation when you try enchant without Blessing.
- Added Item Tier Color at Delete Item Confirmation.
- Removed "Y" Hotkey in Delete Confirmation of Legendary/ Epic Items.(to avoid mistakes).
- Fixed Fortune Bead Misspelling.
- Added Item Tier Color at Sell Confirmation.
- Added Item Tier Color at Quantity Split Confirmation.
- Added Third Buff Bar at Interface (1.char buffs | 2. regular buffs | 3. debuffs)
- Fixed Ancestral Goddess's with wrong name at Costume Manager.
- Fixed Ancestral Shields Costumes with just 2 Jewels.

Size - 22MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and Stay Safe!!

Patch Notes 05/06/2020

- Improves at Housing System.
- Improves at Internal Scripts (to run smooth).
- Improves at Character Tab.
- Title/Aura/Glow its now in Character Tab.
- Added Missing Item Dropper
- Fixed Brune's Glory Score in Brunes results
- Added the missing Illumini Daggers at Costumes in Website.
- Added Mailbox Skill in "Others" Section in Character Tab.
- Fixed PvP WY Rings Craft.
- Fixed Destiny / Gladiator Costumes with "III" in name.
- Fixed Blessings and Artisan's Short/Long Descriptions in Cash Shop.
- Fixed Rietz to Epic Eda TP Cost.
- Fixed Raptor from Rengot Village.
- Fixed Ingen Option in Premium Teleporter.
- Fixed Pursuit Buff without have Pursuit Skill.
- Fixed Restorative Elixir with Original %
- Added Sealed Gladiator to buy at Ingen Arena NPC.
- Changed Attributes Stats in Gladiator Gear (testing).
- Added 1% of PvP Damage in every Gladiator Gear.
- Fixed Demonic Face/Armor Effect.
- Fixed Entrance of Ancient Tombs.
Size - 25MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and be Safe!

Patch Notes 19/05/2020

- Fixed Default Mace's Glow Position/Size.
- Fixed Default Sword's Glow Position/Size.
- Fixed Hellhound can't enter in Party.
- Fixed Entrance of Maze Event.
- Fixed Default Staff's Glow Position/Size.
- Fixed Default WarHammer's Glow Position/Size.
- Changed Few Models of Warhammers/Staff's to a Better one.
- Fixed Default Dagger's Glow Position/Size.
- Returned Tranquility to Original value (20% Heal).
- Increased a bit Sorcerer Damage (for test).
- Fixed Internal IP for some players who didn't see the Server at list.
Size - 32MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and be Safe!

Patch Notes 09/05/2020

- Fixed marker for Wrong Choices
- Fixed marker for The Giant Awakens
- Fixed Pet Auto-respawn when change map, and increase speed when you run faster also.
- Fixed Arek's Nest is misspelled on the map.
- Ingen Grass Fixed
- Removed Bows Craft.
- Changed 43 Gear to Arambas.
- Reduced the Mats Amount to Craft 43~45 Gear.
- Increased Magma Ore Drop
- Added Destiny Costumes.
- Added Gladiator Costumes.
- Added Costumes Wardrobe (Website), after create a costume you will not spend anything to use it again, and can change many times you want.
- Added Beauty Salon at Website (Can change Hair, Hair Color, Face at moment).
- Fixed a Problem in Jewel Remover.
- Fixed Gladiator Blade/Mace +0 PvP Stats Visual Bug.
- Fixed HH LagFree Enter Cost.
- Added Makeover Coupon at Cash Shop.
Size - 26MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and be Safe!

Patch Notes 30/04/2020

- New Mounts Interface.
- New Character Interface.
- Fixed marker for Wrong Choices.
- Fixed marker for The Giant Awakens.
- Increased GP Reward in LM Quest.
- Changed SOI Quest (Kill).
- Increased GP Reward in SOI Quest.
- Added Platinum Drop in Hell Dungeon's.
- Fixed Illusionist Hounix Bug.
- Added a Lag-Board in Hellhound for player with problem to get quest.
- Fixed Hero of War Quest from Epic.Eda
Size - 9MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and be Safe!

Patch Notes 23/04/2020

- Fixed Flame Concentration.
- Nerfed Cold Armor
- Fixed Upward without sound
- Fixed Cold Blooded
- Fixed Nimble Healing
- Fixed Manipulator Norkun Bugged Skill.
- Fixed Circle of Healling PvE Version
- Fixed Flame Impact Just Knockdown at Lv3~5
- Fixed Cursed Gargoyle Misspelling Name Item.
- Changed Meditation to 3% Heal.
- Increased the Range of Miracle Ressurection Skill.
- Fixed Ice Barrier, Ice Thorns, Cold Wave was showing "can not dodge" when player get hitted.
- Increased Meteour Quantity in Mobs.
Size - 5MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and be Safe!

Patch Notes 11/04/2020

- Fixed Ancestral Mace's with wrong Values.
- Changed Critical Damage Values on Assassin Class .
- Fixed Teneth LS/Mace recipes swapped.
- Removed all Archer Skills from Game Client.
- Fixed HH4 Dangeous Brothers (only 1 assassin).
- Fixed Rapid Blast Skill.
- If enter in Brune's with Starter Turtle you will Lose it.
- Fixed Artisan/Divine Breaths Descriptions at Cash Shop.
- Fixed Death Scythe Description.
- Fixed Razor Blade with wrong Values at Client Side.
- Fixed Assassin misspelled at Hellhound Dialogs.
- Improvement at Latency System.
- Added Hellhound Board.
- Added back the Mail Icon at Minimap.
- Fixed /N Function .
- Fixed Level of Limos NPC'S
- Added Platinum Dust to Jewel Dust Merchant Mighty.
- Removed the Jewel Dust from Enchant Boost Dealer.
- Returned Original Epic.Mt Eda Monsters.
- Removed the Kids from Lighthouse.
- Fixed Fat Argo .
- Fixed Visual Bug Showing 58 Points in Zerk/Sin.
- Renamed "Fall of the Emperor" to "Fallen Emperor"
- Fixed Flinch in Storm of Judgment Skill.
- Increased Range of Bolas in Hellhound.
- Fixed Few Items with unclosed Color Tag.
- Fixed Geovan Buffs (sometimes didnt take the GP from player).
- Fixed Urekus Missing Dialog.
- Increased War Weapon Mastery Stats.
- Fixed Akeron Chief Ponna Position(when restart).
- Fixed Missed Icons in some Backpacks.
- Fixed Thorns Armor Lv1.
- You can Drag Tittles/Backpacks to Skill Bar Now.
Size - 18MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and be Safe!

Patch Notes 01/04/2020

- Added Limit of 250 per Buy in TM.
- Fixed Items Link/Sell/Buy System.
- Fixed Destiny Longsowrd/Mace Glow.
- Fixed Revenge without Point on Retribution.
- Vigilance push the Correct Revenge now.
- Added Old Maps of Hellhound.
- Fixed Camel/ Horned Dragon / Armorred Dragon/ Bone Dragon Stuck after taking fall damage.
- Fixed Carlos NPC in Rietz to send players to Battle arena.
- Removed Parchment Scrolls from Forb.Shrine Drops.
- Fixed Misspelling 'Death Sickle' to 'Death Scythe'.
- Fixed Misspelling James chest/gloves/shoes to -> Jales
- Fixed Misspelling 'Assasin' to 'Assassin' in few files.
- Removed Event Portal Near Ingen Blacksmith.
- Removed the 2 NPC Icons out of Map in Limos Desert.
- Removed the NPC Icon out of Map in Rietz.
- Fixed Blessing of Renas with wrong icon.
- Removed 'Torch' Item from Dila NPC.
- Fixed Mini map graphics are messed up out of the map.
- Fixed HP don't appear on Anubis.
- Added Combat Music to Anubis.
- Added Combat Music to Mummy Lord.
- Fixed Vanquish CD.
- Fixed Tomb Knight Target Info.
- Fixed Forbidden Shrine Dialog at Stacy NPC 'Lv53' instead 'Lv52'.
- Reduced Tonadellos Aggro Range.
- Fixed Halloween Rider Buff Description.
- Removed Viva's Horn in Veilnus HH Drop.
- Changed "????" to "Golden Bolas".
- Decreased CD of Hayden's Telescope Lens and Dragon Bait to 1 Minute.
- Fixed Now We Must Stop It (Third Book Location).
- Fixed Pain and Darkness Quest (Signal on Towers).
- Added Effect to Teleport to Rooftop (LM).
- Fixed 3 NPC in wrong place (inside walls) at Rietz.
- Fixed Scorpion with correct Sounds.
- Fixed Guard after Buttler Room in LM.
Size - 13MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and be Safe!

Patch Notes 26/03/2020

- Fixed Blood Castle Door
- Fixed Linden Mobs Dropping Refined Dray.
- Fixed Teleporter Stacy Wrong Dialog.
- Fixed Broken Mast Veilnus Exp.
- Fixed Fairy Description.
- Misspelling "Requirements" at website.
- Fixed Strength Sigil Misspelling.
- Terress Misspelling at Ingen Area.
- Fixed Catacomb of Hell Misspelling at Dialog.
- Fixed Arech's Nest Misspelling at Dialog.
- Fixed Misspelling Aranbas at Dialogs/Quest.
- Fixed Aranbas TP Dialog with wrong Name.
- Fixed Mana Rest Potions Misspelling.
- Fixed Skills/Items/Buffs Misspelling Energy (correct =Mana) texts.
- Removed TP scrolls from Linden Hill / Limos mobs.
- Fixed Misaligned products in the cash shop.
- Wrong Tittle at Housing Link at Website.
- Wrong Tittle at Patch Notes Link at Website.
- Fixed Combat Support NPC's (they are not attacking mobs).
- Coyote Head changed to Coyote Skull.
- Update the Blood Castle Minimap
- Fixed high priest vardi without dialog icon.
- Changed the Names of Anti-Destroying Scrolls to Original One (Blessing of Renas,Astharoth,Rendel).
- Fixed Sammanes NPC with Ship Craft items.
- Removed Limos Parchment Scroll Drop
- Increased Mummy's Kidney Drop.
- Renamed Fallen Giant to Strange Skull.
- Renamed Slave Current to Slaves Chains.
- Changed Model of Queen Be Mob(old model had a problem with the hitbox).
Size - 18MB
Enjoy RaiderZ and be Safe!

Be Safe !!

Don't expect to receive this message that it will be too late you don't have a respaw point, start taking care of yourself soon and encourage your family too!

Follow some basic guidelines:
-Wash your hands with soap and water or use gel alcohol.
-Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing.
-Avoid crowds if you are ill.
-Keep rooms well ventilated.
-Do not share personal items.
-Leave the house only if it is really necessary.

We at RevolutionZ think of you, so take care! this is not a Joke!!
Enjoy RaiderZ!

Patch Notes 17/03/2020

- Fixed Rena's Staff from Purify Water quest(can be used with any weapon now).
- Fixed Ogis' Ring without Stats.
- Fixed Ring of Tranquility Stats.
- Fixed Guild Ranking at Website.
- Removed Renas Holy Water From Brunes.
- Fixed Shaky Balance Quest.
- Fixed Combat Support Quest.
- Fixed Supreme Pink Beycium Name.
- Fixed Rebirth Position at Tutorial Field.
- Reduced damage of Mobs in Tutorial Field.
- Reduced Beycium/Drayum Craft Cost.
- Fixed Shout of Insanity Description.
- Fixed Mail Wrong Text on Attack Items.
- Added Effect to Linden to Limos Teleport.
- Added Effect to Limos to Linden Teleport.
- Added Town of Limos in Premium TP.
- Removed Birds sounds from Scales of Imabalance.
- Fixed Premium Teleporter to West Sewer Entrance.
- Removed Wound Recovery Potions from Brunes.
- Removed Rest Potions from Brunes.
- Removed Undefinied Egg from Brunes.
- Removed Crafted Food Inside Brunes.
- Removed Vahlup Texts (he was talking too much.)
- Removed Goat Sound from Magic Rabbit Mount.
- Fixed Weapon of Lights Quest( no more take recipe just craft).
- Turtle 7 Days Increase Heal , and Heal received also increase a bit the P.and M.Attack.
- Linked King's Drive Quest to Harfmain after finish Shaky Balance.
- Removed Traveler Romel (uselees at moment).
- Fixed Mispelling at Loading Screens (Unknoown to Unknown).
- Fixed Mispelling at Pets Descriptions.
- Fixed Plasma Aura Position.
- Fixed Whisper of Owls Title.
- Fixed Witch Follower.
- Removed Traveler Fermos.
- Moved The Fire its Comming to Garland NPC.
- Fixed Elixirs Descriptions (Hourse instead of Hour).
- Fixed Terres Plain Area Name (Tranquil Forest).
- Fixed Sorcerer's Necklace Without Stats.
- Removed Meat from Relics Weapons(Broken Mast).
- Fixed Armageddon Crush active Time.
- Changed Old Tip About Teleport Parchments.
- Fixed Ice Valley Area Name (Terress Plain).
- Fixed Pyramid of Stars Name.
- Fixed Dragon Hunting Season Description.
- Fixed Catacomb of Hell Name.
- Fixed Lycians Bash Skill (didnt give damage before).
- Memento works now with Magics Skills Instead of Melee.
- Fixed the Pets Descriptions.
- Fixed Ice Guard Dialog.
- Increased Heaven Feather Drop Chance.
- Fixed Cursed Land Ground Bug.
- Fixed Cursed Land Portal to Heroe's Lane.
- Increased the Defense of Gladiator Plate a bit (Internal to Test the PvP).
- Increased Fragment of the Sacred Seal Drop Amount (Base 2~3).
- Changed Cursed Land Loading Screen.
- Added Cursed Land Areas Name.
- Reworked the Blood Castle Map.
Size - 36MB
Enjoy RaiderZ!

Patch Notes 05/03/2020

- Decreased Teleport Cost at Teleport NPC'S.
- Added Cursed Land / Ice Valley to Teleport NPC'S.
- Fixed Grand Wall Teleport on Teleport NPC'S.
- Fixed Onyx Jewels (was with wrong ID).
- Discord RPC System Improvement.
- New NPC in Ingen Fountain (Filomena).
- Added 5 New Daily Brune's Quests.
- Fixed Ghost Block/Skills (Yes its Real!).
- Fixed PhysX.dll problem with Windows Defender.
- Moved Craft of PvP Equips to Rietz.
- Reduced the Amount of Symbol to Craft PvP Equips.
Size - 6MB
Enjoy RaiderZ!

Patch Notes 29/02/2020

- Fixed Blets Superior Gear Craft
- Changed Gladiator PvP Defense to 10% each part
- Changed Gladiator PvP Attack to 15%
- Changed Money Drop in Survive or Die (SOD).
- Fixed the Score Storage in Survive or Die (SOD).
- Reworked Survive or Die Map (SOD).
- Survive or Die its Score per Round its not accumulative.
- Added 2 Dailys at Brune's Glory
- Reduced the Ancestral Mats Craft Cost to 10 GP.
- Reduced the Gladiator PvP Gear Craft Cost to 10 GP.
- Fixed Chimera Range at Grand Wall.
Size - 11MB
Enjoy RaiderZ!

Patch Notes 20/02/2020

- Reduce Ice Valley Mobs Defense.
- Increased a bit the Attack Cooldown of Ice Valley Mobs.
- Added Blet Adventurer Box at First Quest of Game.
- Added Dagger's to Blet NPC.
- Blets Weapons/Gear can be Easly enchanted(for help begginers).
- Added Ancient Tombs Dungeon at Limos Desert.
- Added 2 New Necklaces and 1 Ring for Lv50.
- Added a New Set of Weapons Lv50 at Ancient Tombs.
- Fixed Scamper after Armagedon and Bash.
Size - 58MB
Enjoy RaiderZ!

Ancient Tombs - Preview

Dungeon of Limos Desert Level 50.

Patch Notes 08/02/2020

- Added back Scales of Imbalance (Reworked).
- Reduced the Mana Cost on Shout of Provocation Skill.
- Fixed the Ice World Hero Tittle Link.
- Fixed a Floating Ore Mine in Rengot Tribe.
- Fixed Golden Commander Attacks.
- Ice Thorns/ Cold Wave can hit more than 5 Mobs now.
- Temporary Removed the Link Function in Chat (For fix a Critical Problem).
- Added a New CTF System (Currently in Test with Players).
- Fixed Berzerker/Skull/Pirate/Toxic Cape.
- Mushroom of Imortality Fixed.
- Turkey Cuisine Fixed.
- Fixed Revolution Gember Bag without Icon.
- Added Marchant Port Files to Game (will be released Soon).
- Fixed Shadow Walk Teleport Bug.
Size - 80MB

Patch Notes 24/01/2020

- Increased Gladiator Gear to 15% PvP.
- Removed Damage Reduction from "Fair PvP" Buff from Brunes.
- Released Part 1 of Ice Valley.
- Added New Belts to Craft.
- Added 7 New Pets at CS.
- Improved the Ice Valley Minimap and Simple Map.
- Changed the Ambient Wind Sound of Ice Valley.
- Added a new BGM for Ice Valley.
- Fixed Shrine Barrel Quest.
- Fixed Crystal's Ball Fortune.
- If you enter in Brunes with Destiny Gear = RIP.
- Added 3 Ice Tittles.
Size - 65MB

Patch Notes 17/01/2020

- Removed Xmas Event.
- Added Ancestral Debuff on PvP Map.
- You can use Christmas Lucky Deer with other pets also.
- Increased Sorcerer / Cleric Damage.
- Removed Archer indefinitely (for balance reasons).
- Returned the Warhammer Animations.
- Returned Mace Animations.
- Removed PvP Plate Nerf.
- Changed Loading Screen to Original One.
- Changed Character Selection to Original One.
- Changed the BGM of Login/Char Selection to Original One.
- Fixed Repercussion of Light.
- Fixed Pleasure of Pain.
- Fixed Pirate Weapons Glow.
- Fixed Eternal Life Glow positions(the red one).
- Blocked Pudding Item inside Brunes.
Size - 35MB

Patch Notes 04/12/2019

- Added Xmas Events to Game.
- Added New Gingerbread Mount.
- Added Frozen Beast Boss in Ingen.
- Added the Xmas Ingen Decoration.
- Added the Xmas Event NPC'S in Ingen.
- Added Christmas Valley Events.
- Added Christmas Lucky Deer Pet
- Added New Pets to Pets Tab.
- Added Santa Ronin in same Spot of Frozen Beast (50/50).
- Added Valento Set to Game (Not released yet).
Size - 30MB

Patch Notes 23/11/2019

- Increased the Amount of Energy Pack as Reward in Wild Dog.
- Added NPC in Rietz to Craft Belt PvP.
- Added Belts in Acessory Artisan Ash.
- Nerfed Heal in Brunes Glory.
- Added a Backpack Inventory.
- Backpacks turned into Linked when use at Character.
- Added Tittle Slot at Character Tab.
- Added Charm Slot at Character Tab.(Will be added soon).
- Added New Drops into Revenge Ghost Rider (Belt Drops). - You can use Tittles/Aura/Pets/ etc directly from the Tab didnt need push to skill bar anymore.
- Added Malik (Essence NPC at Ingen).
Size - 17MB

Patch Notes 12/11/2019

- Added Link System to Game.
- Added Link Menu in Inventoy/Shop/Craft Tabs.
- Added "Recent Activity" when Right Click the Chat Box.
- Added LFP Chat (/n lfp text).
- Added Sell / Buy Chat (/n sell text) and (/n buy text).
Size - 5MB

Patch Notes 21/09/2019

- Ping Feature near minimap
- Tittles Fixed Position on Feet
- Fixed Pursuit Effect.
- Add a "Creeper Shel" to lv35 Creeper Warrior at Collapsed
- Improved some Tittle Effects.
- Added New Item to "Return the Peace" Quest.
- Changed GP Reward of "Rediscover the Power" to 250 GP.
- Changed Quest "Rediscover the Power" to Daily.
- Cant use Lycian if in Combat Mode.
- Can't use Pets on Brune's / Battle Arena.
- Remove the Stats Buffs from Potions / Scrolls / Food/ Egg when Enter in Brune's Glory / Battle Arena
- Fixed Plate Armor Problem.
- Heal Nerfed in Brune's Glory / Battle Arena.
- Blocked Foods / Potions / Egg/ Scrolls on Brune's / Battle Arena.
- Changed Learning Book to Lv 1~45.
- Fixed Invisible Camel.
- Fixed Old Guitar Bugged when Accept Quest
- Fixed Vigilance Missing 50 Stamina when Use.
- Fixed Chaos Stinger Buff (Chance to Recover of 6 Stamina and 40 Mana).
- Fixed "The Fire its Comming" Quest Marker.
- Fixed Mispelling in Treasure Chests at CS "enhacement" instead of enhancement.
- Fixed Chaos Stinger Description (Was wrong before).
- Fixed Measuring the Energy Marker Position / Effect in Ground.
- Fixed Armored Dragon Wrong Position.
- Fixed Bone Dragon Wrong Position.
- Fixed Gorgon Wrong Position.
- Fixed Gorgon Jump Animation.
- Fixed Magic Rabbit Jump Animation.
- Fixed Horned Dragon Jump Animation.
- Fixed Mercenary Wolf Jump Animation.
- Added 15 New Tittles.
- Fixed Red Yillis Buff.
- Fixed Bollack Repeat Instance.
- Fixed Magic Canon with Mispelling in Name.
Size - 22MB

Patch Notes 01/09/2019

- Removed Balance Buff from Arena / Brunes.
- Added Stats on PvP 55 Gear.
- Added PvP 55 Weapons.
- Rapid Fire Nerfed DMG a Bit.
- Assassination Nerfed DMG a Bit.
- New Costumes at Game for Events.
- Fixed All Staff with Glow Missing.
- Added Creeper Crystal Item on Creeper Loot of Broken Wall.
- Nerfed Blood Castle Monsters Defense.
- Fixed Recover Password at website Now send a Email to Reset Password.
- Increased the Despawn Time of Blood Castle to 120 Seconds.
- Added Missing Shadow Orichalcum Plate Gloves in Costume Manager NPC.
- Increased Shaman/ Warrior/Assassin/Sage/Knight Runes Rate in HH.
- Fixed Cursed Greatsword Glow Position/Size.
- Fixed Kobold Gun Change Weapon Buff (Makot Map).
- Increased PvP Weapons to 20~35% PvP Attack.
- Changed the PvP Weapons Model.
- Added New NPC To Preview Effects/ Auras/ Mounts at Ingen.
Size - 43MB

Patch Notes 19/08/2019

- Shot Arrow Changed Cooldown / Nerfed Damage
- Decreased the Epic.Eda Mobs Defense
- Fatal Perforation changed to Unblockable
- Changed Shot Arrow (Fire/ Ice) Effects and Sound.
- Decreased Frozen Trap Slow to 20%.
- Changed Arrow Rain Skill Position at Ranger Skills Tree.
- Removed Roots Effect from Poison Trap (it was giving lag).
- Interface Changed to Original One.
Size - 4MB

Patch Notes 13/08/2019

- Added New Repeatable Quest (with Banned Book).
- Removed PvP Balance Buff from Epic Eda.
- Nerfed UW Buff.
- Haste Buff Decreased to 10%.
- Removed PvP Atributes from Stolen Weapons.
- Increased Epic Mt.Eda Monster Stats.
- Added Head Effect for PvP Balance Buff.
- Nerfed Circle of Healing.
- Some Changes in Server Binaries.
- Added Winter Wolf Mob (Ice Valley).
Size - 15MB

Patch Notes 07/08/2019

- Added PvP Gear 55 to Ingen Arena NPC.
- Added Symbol of Victory in Epic Eda War Reward.
- Added in PvP Balance Buff a Heal Nerf.
- Added PvP Balance Buff in Epic Eda also.
- Fixed Evil Candle Weapons Stats.
- Added Zombie Nahro Event.
- Removed Banned Book from Lolis NPC.
- Changed Character Selection/ Creation Interface.
- Added Special Winter Costume (Not avaliable to Craft yet).
- Added Ice Valle Map to Game (Will be Release soon, at test stage).
- Changed Guild Tab Interface.
- Fixed PushBack Skill.
Size - 51MB

Patch Notes 05/08/2019

- Fixed Ronin/Goddess/Illuminu/Praire/Admiral/Cyndea Bow's in NPC Preview.
- Added a Costume Weapon NPC Preview in Ingen (near fountain).
- Added Forbidden Teleport Parchment.
- Added Fordbidden Shrine at Teleport NPC's.
- Added Forbidden Shrine Parchment at Mob's loot
- Fixed Red Yilli's Skills.
- Fixed Inn Bed Sleep Position.
- Fixed Skeleton Archer' Missing Bow.
-Added Renaming Coupom to CS.
Size - 19MB

Patch Notes 29/07/2019

- Fixed Priest of Brunes(Cleric).
- Fixed Analytics Skill (Sorcerer).
- Fixed Intricacy(Sorcerer).
- Changed Cursed Land( for Nexts Updates).
- Added some Textures of Limos DG( for Nexts Updates).
- Added Acrobatic to Normal Dodge (Assassin - Test).
Size - 34MB

Patch Notes 26/07/2019

-Removed the "Ranking" ESC Menu.
-Fixed the Ranking Tab at Social Tab.
-Added a Brune's / EXP Ranking In-Game.
-Changed the "Support" Tab Near Skill Bar to "Events" Tab.
-The Events Schedule will be Avaliable at Events Tab.
Size - 3MB

Patch Notes 20/07/2019

- Reworked 43~55 Gear with just the stats of the class.
- Reworked Battle Royale 2.0.
- Added Event Map Again.
- Added New Race Event.
- Added New Cars (Yes cars) to the Race Event.
- Changed the Rifle of Battle Royale to a M16.
- Fixed HH3 NPC Spawn.
- Added Storm at Battle Royale.
- Added New Models for Battle Royale.
- Added Helicopter Jump Event Back (with parachute now).
- Added Invisible Backpack (for who want just the stats).
Size - 65MB

Patch Notes 17/07/2019

- Changed Skills Interface to Original One(with few changes).
- Added New Mastery's for Ranger.
- Added Bird/Wolf/Bear Pet at Ranger.
- Thorn Armor Returned to Original Position in Skill Tree.
- Returned War Weapon Mastery in Skill Tree(Berserker).
- Returned PushBack in Skill Tree(Assassin).
- Returned Divine Mastery in Skill Tree (Cleric).
- Returned One-Handed Weapon Mastery in Skill Tree(Defender).
- Returned Analytics to Skill Tree (Sorcerer).
- Removed Endless HP ~Passive from Defender.
- Removed Lighting Arrow from Sorcerer.
- Fixed Chef Spawn NPC at Limos
- Added Missing NPC at Ingen (Formidable Talent).
- Fixed Guitar Animations (Male/Female).
- Removed Enchant Glows from Ancestral Weapons.
- Fixed Eating/Cooking Animations (Female).
- Added Missing Trap Animation at Female Rangers.
- Fixed the Additional Jewel Slot on Ancestral Weapons (Without Costume).
- Monsters from Terres - Forbidden can be attacked by Ranger Pets (Except PvP Monsters).
Size - 14MB

Patch Notes 04/07/2019

- Fixed thr RZSelector (Now say a message if you dont config right the launcher).
- Reworked Weapons and Gear 43~55.
- Rollback Heal System(Cleric) to Original One.
- Reworked Mobs/ Monster to Match with Reworked Gears. - Rework in Website Features. - Added Virtual Storage at Website that grant you +80 Slot(Logout to move item).
- Added Costume Manager(Weapons) at Website, now dont lose the Jewel / Enchant.
- Ancestral Weapons can be Enchanted now.
- Added Deep Sea Map (Test).
Size - 23MB

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