Revolution RaiderZ

Patch Notes

Patch Notes 17/01/2020

- Removed Xmas Event.
- Added Ancestral Debuff on PvP Map.
- You can use Christmas Lucky Deer with other pets also.
- Increased Sorcerer / Cleric Damage.
- Removed Archer indefinitely (for balance reasons).
- Returned the Warhammer Animations.
- Returned Mace Animations.
- Removed PvP Plate Nerf.
- Changed Loading Screen to Original One.
- Changed Character Selection to Original One.
- Changed the BGM of Login/Char Selection to Original One.
- Fixed Repercussion of Light.
- Fixed Pleasure of Pain.
- Fixed Pirate Weapons Glow.
- Fixed Eternal Life Glow positions(the red one).
- Blocked Pudding Item inside Brunes.
Size - 35MB

Patch Notes 04/12/2019

- Added Xmas Events to Game.
- Added New Gingerbread Mount.
- Added Frozen Beast Boss in Ingen.
- Added the Xmas Ingen Decoration.
- Added the Xmas Event NPC'S in Ingen.
- Added Christmas Valley Events.
- Added Christmas Lucky Deer Pet
- Added New Pets to Pets Tab.
- Added Santa Ronin in same Spot of Frozen Beast (50/50).
- Added Valento Set to Game (Not released yet).
Size - 30MB

Patch Notes 23/11/2019

- Increased the Amount of Energy Pack as Reward in Wild Dog.
- Added NPC in Rietz to Craft Belt PvP.
- Added Belts in Acessory Artisan Ash.
- Nerfed Heal in Brunes Glory.
- Added a Backpack Inventory.
- Backpacks turned into Linked when use at Character.
- Added Tittle Slot at Character Tab.
- Added Charm Slot at Character Tab.(Will be added soon).
- Added New Drops into Revenge Ghost Rider (Belt Drops). - You can use Tittles/Aura/Pets/ etc directly from the Tab didnt need push to skill bar anymore.
- Added Malik (Essence NPC at Ingen).
Size - 17MB

Patch Notes 12/11/2019

- Added Link System to Game.
- Added Link Menu in Inventoy/Shop/Craft Tabs.
- Added "Recent Activity" when Right Click the Chat Box.
- Added LFP Chat (/n lfp text).
- Added Sell / Buy Chat (/n sell text) and (/n buy text).
Size - 5MB

Patch Notes 21/09/2019

- Ping Feature near minimap
- Tittles Fixed Position on Feet
- Fixed Pursuit Effect.
- Add a "Creeper Shel" to lv35 Creeper Warrior at Collapsed
- Improved some Tittle Effects.
- Added New Item to "Return the Peace" Quest.
- Changed GP Reward of "Rediscover the Power" to 250 GP.
- Changed Quest "Rediscover the Power" to Daily.
- Cant use Lycian if in Combat Mode.
- Can't use Pets on Brune's / Battle Arena.
- Remove the Stats Buffs from Potions / Scrolls / Food/ Egg when Enter in Brune's Glory / Battle Arena
- Fixed Plate Armor Problem.
- Heal Nerfed in Brune's Glory / Battle Arena.
- Blocked Foods / Potions / Egg/ Scrolls on Brune's / Battle Arena.
- Changed Learning Book to Lv 1~45.
- Fixed Invisible Camel.
- Fixed Old Guitar Bugged when Accept Quest
- Fixed Vigilance Missing 50 Stamina when Use.
- Fixed Chaos Stinger Buff (Chance to Recover of 6 Stamina and 40 Mana).
- Fixed "The Fire its Comming" Quest Marker.
- Fixed Mispelling in Treasure Chests at CS "enhacement" instead of enhancement.
- Fixed Chaos Stinger Description (Was wrong before).
- Fixed Measuring the Energy Marker Position / Effect in Ground.
- Fixed Armored Dragon Wrong Position.
- Fixed Bone Dragon Wrong Position.
- Fixed Gorgon Wrong Position.
- Fixed Gorgon Jump Animation.
- Fixed Magic Rabbit Jump Animation.
- Fixed Horned Dragon Jump Animation.
- Fixed Mercenary Wolf Jump Animation.
- Added 15 New Tittles.
- Fixed Red Yillis Buff.
- Fixed Bollack Repeat Instance.
- Fixed Magic Canon with Mispelling in Name.
Size - 22MB

Patch Notes 01/09/2019

- Removed Balance Buff from Arena / Brunes.
- Added Stats on PvP 55 Gear.
- Added PvP 55 Weapons.
- Rapid Fire Nerfed DMG a Bit.
- Assassination Nerfed DMG a Bit.
- New Costumes at Game for Events.
- Fixed All Staff with Glow Missing.
- Added Creeper Crystal Item on Creeper Loot of Broken Wall.
- Nerfed Blood Castle Monsters Defense.
- Fixed Recover Password at website Now send a Email to Reset Password.
- Increased the Despawn Time of Blood Castle to 120 Seconds.
- Added Missing Shadow Orichalcum Plate Gloves in Costume Manager NPC.
- Increased Shaman/ Warrior/Assassin/Sage/Knight Runes Rate in HH.
- Fixed Cursed Greatsword Glow Position/Size.
- Fixed Kobold Gun Change Weapon Buff (Makot Map).
- Increased PvP Weapons to 20~35% PvP Attack.
- Changed the PvP Weapons Model.
- Added New NPC To Preview Effects/ Auras/ Mounts at Ingen.
Size - 43MB

Patch Notes 19/08/2019

- Shot Arrow Changed Cooldown / Nerfed Damage
- Decreased the Epic.Eda Mobs Defense
- Fatal Perforation changed to Unblockable
- Changed Shot Arrow (Fire/ Ice) Effects and Sound.
- Decreased Frozen Trap Slow to 20%.
- Changed Arrow Rain Skill Position at Ranger Skills Tree.
- Removed Roots Effect from Poison Trap (it was giving lag).
- Interface Changed to Original One.
Size - 4MB

Patch Notes 13/08/2019

- Added New Repeatable Quest (with Banned Book).
- Removed PvP Balance Buff from Epic Eda.
- Nerfed UW Buff.
- Haste Buff Decreased to 10%.
- Removed PvP Atributes from Stolen Weapons.
- Increased Epic Mt.Eda Monster Stats.
- Added Head Effect for PvP Balance Buff.
- Nerfed Circle of Healing.
- Some Changes in Server Binaries.
- Added Winter Wolf Mob (Ice Valley).
Size - 15MB

Patch Notes 07/08/2019

- Added PvP Gear 55 to Ingen Arena NPC.
- Added Symbol of Victory in Epic Eda War Reward.
- Added in PvP Balance Buff a Heal Nerf.
- Added PvP Balance Buff in Epic Eda also.
- Fixed Evil Candle Weapons Stats.
- Added Zombie Nahro Event.
- Removed Banned Book from Lolis NPC.
- Changed Character Selection/ Creation Interface.
- Added Special Winter Costume (Not avaliable to Craft yet).
- Added Ice Valle Map to Game (Will be Release soon, at test stage).
- Changed Guild Tab Interface.
- Fixed PushBack Skill.
Size - 51MB

Patch Notes 05/08/2019

- Fixed Ronin/Goddess/Illuminu/Praire/Admiral/Cyndea Bow's in NPC Preview.
- Added a Costume Weapon NPC Preview in Ingen (near fountain).
- Added Forbidden Teleport Parchment.
- Added Fordbidden Shrine at Teleport NPC's.
- Added Forbidden Shrine Parchment at Mob's loot
- Fixed Red Yilli's Skills.
- Fixed Inn Bed Sleep Position.
- Fixed Skeleton Archer' Missing Bow.
-Added Renaming Coupom to CS.
Size - 19MB

Patch Notes 29/07/2019

- Fixed Priest of Brunes(Cleric).
- Fixed Analytics Skill (Sorcerer).
- Fixed Intricacy(Sorcerer).
- Changed Cursed Land( for Nexts Updates).
- Added some Textures of Limos DG( for Nexts Updates).
- Added Acrobatic to Normal Dodge (Assassin - Test).
Size - 34MB

Patch Notes 26/07/2019

-Removed the "Ranking" ESC Menu.
-Fixed the Ranking Tab at Social Tab.
-Added a Brune's / EXP Ranking In-Game.
-Changed the "Support" Tab Near Skill Bar to "Events" Tab.
-The Events Schedule will be Avaliable at Events Tab.
Size - 3MB

Patch Notes 20/07/2019

- Reworked 43~55 Gear with just the stats of the class.
- Reworked Battle Royale 2.0.
- Added Event Map Again.
- Added New Race Event.
- Added New Cars (Yes cars) to the Race Event.
- Changed the Rifle of Battle Royale to a M16.
- Fixed HH3 NPC Spawn.
- Added Storm at Battle Royale.
- Added New Models for Battle Royale.
- Added Helicopter Jump Event Back (with parachute now).
- Added Invisible Backpack (for who want just the stats).
Size - 65MB

Patch Notes 17/07/2019

- Changed Skills Interface to Original One(with few changes).
- Added New Mastery's for Ranger.
- Added Bird/Wolf/Bear Pet at Ranger.
- Thorn Armor Returned to Original Position in Skill Tree.
- Returned War Weapon Mastery in Skill Tree(Berserker).
- Returned PushBack in Skill Tree(Assassin).
- Returned Divine Mastery in Skill Tree (Cleric).
- Returned One-Handed Weapon Mastery in Skill Tree(Defender).
- Returned Analytics to Skill Tree (Sorcerer).
- Removed Endless HP ~Passive from Defender.
- Removed Lighting Arrow from Sorcerer.
- Fixed Chef Spawn NPC at Limos
- Added Missing NPC at Ingen (Formidable Talent).
- Fixed Guitar Animations (Male/Female).
- Removed Enchant Glows from Ancestral Weapons.
- Fixed Eating/Cooking Animations (Female).
- Added Missing Trap Animation at Female Rangers.
- Fixed the Additional Jewel Slot on Ancestral Weapons (Without Costume).
- Monsters from Terres - Forbidden can be attacked by Ranger Pets (Except PvP Monsters).
Size - 14MB

Patch Notes 04/07/2019

- Fixed thr RZSelector (Now say a message if you dont config right the launcher).
- Reworked Weapons and Gear 43~55.
- Rollback Heal System(Cleric) to Original One.
- Reworked Mobs/ Monster to Match with Reworked Gears. - Rework in Website Features. - Added Virtual Storage at Website that grant you +80 Slot(Logout to move item).
- Added Costume Manager(Weapons) at Website, now dont lose the Jewel / Enchant.
- Ancestral Weapons can be Enchanted now.
- Added Deep Sea Map (Test).
Size - 23MB

New Functions on Website!

Hello, these last update was implemented some new functions on the website, such as a new method for custom weapons, and a virtual storage, not to mention the new features like guild profile and character.

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