Revolution RaiderZ

Rate & Stats

Experience Rate 2x
Drop Rate 2x
Max Level 55
Storage Slots 80


Server Location Canada 🇸🇬
Available Classes 5
Main Language English
Translated Interface Portuguese | Spanish

Custom Modifications

Here are the things we've modified from the original settings

- Starter Kit (7 Days Turtle Pet, Blet's Coupons, Starter Moa, Eternal Return Stone, Summon Mail Box and Repair Station, Magic Lantern, and Bonfire).

- You don't get Debuff when you die.

- Storage has 80 Slots instead of 40.

- We got a Guild Storage to share items between guild members.

- Maximum Enchant up to +15 with checkpoint at +10.

- New Glow's from +10 to +15.

- Keyless Dungeons, you can do the dungeons as many times as you want the Dungeon.

- Improved chat functions with new features (Link ,Sell, Buy Item at Chat).

- You do not need to create the item to make the Costume, you can directly go and create it on an Ingen Fountain NPC.

- Discord Features (Rich Presence Active, shows some information from your current session and allows the option to start the game for your friends).

- Enabled Trade for Every Item. (it makes no sense to keep an old item stuck in the character).

- Mounts, Titles, Glows, Backpacks, Pets are linked to the Character after use.

- In-game Ping System (Near Minimap shows the ping you have in relation to the server in real time).

- Sort Button at Inventory was no Cooldown to re-use.

- A new Character Window to improve the visualization of Stats in general.

- A new Window for Mounts, Titles and Backpacks.

Skills Modification

Here are the things we've modified from the original skills

New Skill Shout of Provocation-
Provoke Enemies with 15% of Lure Strengt in a Zone of 6 Meters.Does not work on PvP

Increased War Weapon Mastery-
Increases Physical Attack by 25% while wielding a greatsword or warhammer.

New Skill Shout of Insanity-
Increase you Physical and Magic Attack for 50% and decrease you Defense by 50% increasing Moviment Speed by 30% for 10 Seconds.

Increased Divine Mastery -
Increases the damage and healing power of Holy skills by 20%.

Removed Skill Mind Training

Changed Divine Arbitration to Helping Hand Protection -
Use the divine power to protect allies for 20 Seconds. Allies under the divine power will not be affected by any external factors but are also prohibited from doing others actions.

New Skill Chains of Punishment-
Down holy chains dealing damage equal to 500% of Magic Attack and stun the target for 1 Second.

New Skill Saint's Blessing-
Increase Defense of nearby party members by 6% for 5 Minutes.

New Skill Divine Collum-
Calls down a punishment of sins to the target area that deals damage equal to 430% of Magic Attack to enemies within 8 Meters.

Changed Flame Concentration -
Upon a successful critical hit, increase Magic Critical by 2% for 5 Seconds and stack until 5.

New Skill Fire Circle-
Conjure a fire circle around you, dealing damage equal to 45% of Magic Attack to enemies inside the circle every 1 Second for 4 Seconds.

Changed Magic Affinity -
Magic Attack is increased by 12%.

No Big Changes

New Class who use Bow.