Revolution RaiderZ

What Is RevolutionZ?

Revolution RaiderZ is a Free-to-Play Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (or MMORPG for short) in which players engage in battle against colossal and powerful beasts in order to save the world of Rendel from destruction.

Do I Have To Pay To Download Or Play?
No, Is absolutely free to play! Just download the game to start your adventures in Rendel.

I need Download to Play?

Yes, you need to Download the game to enter and Enjoy our Server

Are There Character Classes In Game?

There are no set classes in Game. You are free to pick and choose from among different weapons and skills and their associated combat styles.

What Are The System Requirements?

You can look in Download page the System Requirements.

What if I can not Connect due to some Error?

Stay calm, give full support to our players, at the very least error to the extreme, if you need remote support we also offer support via TeamView.

How do I report an error or ask for help?

We have several channels of communication, to expedite service we ask you to use the Facebook Page and the Discord.

Is the game Pay to Win (P2W)?

No, our server has craft methods that use materials collected in-game, but of course with some level of difficulty to achieve them, the only things not craftavel using materials of the game, are customs, which do not add status to your character.

Do you have any other questions?

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